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Guest Marty

Bream fishing / Bramerton / most of broads

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Guest Marty

At night there is a good head of bream you will find they come on the feed at dusk/dark and will normally go of the feed at first light. The best method i have found is use a method feeder and have it free running with the shot set around 1 foot from the hook and a size 8 hook and 6lb line and a quiver tip rod.

The ground bait i have found most effective is fine crumb 2Kilos and 1kilo of braisen mixed together available from tackle shops.

The bait i have found most effective is 2 red maggots and a piece of bread but just nip the bread on the shank and leave it fluffy at the end.

Method feeder


Quiver tip rod


When you first get there put several good bombs of ground bait out then everytime you cast fill the method feeder with ground bait but make sure you cast in the same place every time and you will have good results

But one thing to remember is the water is tidle and when the tide is turning and you get the slack water things will go quiet for around half an hour but this is normal

But you will find bream in most waters and they are a shoal fish from anything from 100 - 500 + fish they are a greedy fish so to keep them in your swim its important you keep baiting with a method feeder. If your line has been out for over 15 Min's and you have not had anything and the water is not slack where the tide is turning bring you line in re fill method feeder and re cast as that will normally do the trick

Best of luck

Happy fishing :mrgreen:

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hi marty

this method feeder, is it the same idea as a swim feeder which i sometimes use but loaded

with maggots. this type of feeder is not suitable for loading ground bait as it quickly washes out

as you have probably guest i am only a new boy at this fishing game but am willing to listen

to any tips or advice anyone has to offer


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thankyou dajen, i am on the river first week in november and i know there will be

plenty anglers about, i will certainly give this method my best shot, one can only try

i am at the moment, very much an amateur at this fishing but hope to improve

your explanation is very much appreciated


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