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Thursday 18th October

Got the hire car for our week and loaded it up. Waited for kids to finish school. We left home not long after 4pm. We mad a quick stop off for a burger king but found out it was closed so stopped off at cambridge services for a mcdonals. Carried on journey bit of traffic but not heavy mad slow but steady progress. Quick stop off on a11 on the bp services to use the toilets and grab some food. Onto norwich and into the hotel just after 7pm. Now relaxing in bed ready to go and collect the boat tomorrow

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Friday 19th October
Up early as all excited. Went for breakfast about 8am. Nice big slection as usual with premier inn resturants. Finished packing the bags up and packed the car up. Off we went to the arcades at yarmouth around 9am. Spent hour or so in the arcades. Took the little one to the sea for her first time ever. Back to the car and off to asda for some socks. Back to the car and took a slow drive to the boat yard. Got there about midday boat yard quiet. Mrs and one kid went off to roys to buy some food. Around 1pm we went into the office to see if the boat was ready. Did our paper work and found out it wouldnt be ready till around half 1. So off we went for a walk into Wroxham returned about 1.30pm to find out be another 10-15 mins got the paper work. Wondered back and waited by the boat to be finished cleaned. Once cleaned and loaded went to the office to get them to do the trial run and paper work. Did all the paperwork and off we went not long after 2pm. Slow drive down the river not many boats coming same way as aloy heading back towards wroxham. Through horning quiet few spaces out side the pubs. Came into Ramworth not enough room on the staithe. So now moored on the Island for the night. Ready for going south tomorrow

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Saturday 20th October 

Up not long after sun rise. On the move to make Yarmouth early to make slack water. Very misty once onto the main river. 

Very quiet all the way to Yarmouth. Only boat at yacht station. 11ft under the bridges but we wanted o stop and do some shopping quick trip to Aldi’s and Asda. Left Yarmouth not long before 3pm. Tide was quiet calm and didn’t help us much. 

We made Reedham around 4pm and descided we would make loddon. On the last bit of th ever Chet was starting to dark made it just time soon after we stopped it go dark. Quick trip to the shop. 

Back to the boat for dinner. After dinner went to shop to get some chochlate. As I left the boat go talking to the lady on the boat next to us. Back to the boat for a chill out and watch a bit of tv for a bit and then to bed.

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Sunday 21st October

up early as usual but layed in bed for a while and had descision wether or not to take the long slog to beccles or head back north. We descided we would head north again to save diesel and time. Left Loddon around 10am and cruised to reedham to wait for the tide to finish flowing out. 

We had lunch and walked round the village. We had a nice pleasent cruise across Breydon. Not much heading north but quite a few boats heading south.

Descided we would over night at the yacht station. Had to go fair way up the moorings before we found a space. Once the ba Rangers went we moved the boat and had to turn before the bridges to get our space next to the electric post. Hooked up and ordered a taxi to take us to the sea front. Arrived very promptly as normal. 

We split up and headed for the arcades. Around 5pm we met for fish and chips. Very nice meal had there. We went back to the arcades for a bit. Once come out rang again to find out it would be a 45 minuets wait for a taxi. So descided we would walk up to the taxi rank and see if we could get one there. None on the rank so rang them back and got told it would be still 20 mins wait so we ordered one. 

Back to the boat watch tv and in bed not long after 9.


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Monday 22nd October

We made a quick trip to Asda to get some food and to the bank to sort money for one of the party.

We left shortly before 10am so we didn’t have to pay again. We had a table and mooring booked at the New Inn Horning morning that night. We had a slow cruise along the river not much on the river again. Still very busy at the yacht station. 

We made good time so we descided to stop off at st Bennett’s abbey and have lunch before we made our way to Horning. 

We left st Bennett’s abbey around 2pm. Few boats on the move but reasonably quiet. Very busy at the pubs we got to the pub around 3pm. Helped into our mooring on the end. Dinner wasn’t booked till 6.30 so we went into the little arcades. One couple of figget spinners and some little cuddly toe for little one. Adults returned to the boat around 5 whilst the older 2 kids went back to the arcades with a friend they made. 

We all got ready for dinner and wondered into the pub not long before half 6. Not to busy in the pub. Sat down and ordered our food not long before half 6. 3 of us had garlic mushrooms to start and 2 had prawn cocktails to start. Came pretty quick very nice. 

We had over an hour wait for our main meals. The waitress offered us a free round of drinks in compensation for the long wait. Once mains arrived was very nice and enjoyed by all most of us couldn’t finish it all as very big portions. Whilst enjoying our mains the barman came over and took our drinks order. We left after e all finished and had our free round of drinks. 

Back to the boat to chill and watch tv before bed. Good day had by all. Really enjoyed our meal as we usually do in the pub

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Tuesday 23rd October

Woke up early again as always do lately. Got our of bed around 8am. Had breakfast and descided we needed a pump out and do some laundry. 

Left the pub mooring around 10am. Slow cruise to Wroxham few boats on the river. We cruised past Barnes they were quiet busy with a lot of boat in the basin. We turned into nbd yard big party of Herbert woods boats on the right as you enter there yard. Plenty of room past trip boats at the end. So we moored up facing out towards the exit. One the engineers helped straighten us up as we was at a weird angle. 

Went into arrivals office to enquire about getting a pump out. Found out that we’re we were moored that some one had drove into the standing pipe so would need to move the boat to get a pump out. Off back to boat to get the bags for washing. We looked the boat back up and saw they bought out fair Marquess out there shed. Handed keys into arrivals office so they could move the boat and do the pump out. 

Off we went to the laundrette to do the washing. Once put on we went to Roy’s for some bits of food and dinner that night. Had a look in Roy’s clothing and found a nice fleecey jumper for myself for £26.99 not bad price so bought it. 

Back to boat to find they were just finishing our pump out. We sat up on top deck seating for awhile we was going to have lunch up there but wind picked up and my bags of crisps blew into the water. Managed to retrieve them quiet easily. Had lunch inside once all back at the boat. 

Around 1pm we descided we would make move and go moor some were over night. Went to find a yard guy to help us out of we’re they moored us. One of the chaps hopped on board and got us out of the tight spot. He got off just before the basin exit. He had to hold us against a the side whilst 2 boats went past us. We set off and thanked him. Not sure we’re we was going to moor over night. 

We got to cockshoot dyke moorings. They had plenty of space so we descided we would moor there over night. We went forward in near the end on the right. Managed to turn the boat on the ropes to make our lives in the morning earlier. We left a small ish space in front of us and plenty of room behind us. 

Around 5 whilst I was relaxing in the bedroom heard a boat struggling to moor behind us. So I went out and grabbed one of there back ropes to guide them in. Once near shore I hopped on and grabbed there front rope to help guide them along our boat and into the gap behind us.




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Wednesday 24th October

We left around 10am. Few boats already had gone from the moorings. Few boats on the river.

We descided we would try to get under Ludam bridge to day. We stopped off for lunch at St Bennett’s Abbey. One had lunch a chill out on boat watching the river traffic go past reasonably busy on the river. 

We left St Bennett’s Abbey around 1pm and made the right turn up the river ant. As approached the bridge it was showing just on 8ft. We descided we would proceed even though we needed 8ft 2 with everything down. 

Ducked inside last minute to stand in side door way to check we had room under the bridge. Managed to get under with a few inches to spare. Quiet busy the moorings at Ludham bridge. We turned just after the end of the moorings. Moored up just after the sign saying certain left past the sign. 

We went off to have a look around the shop. Didn’t buy a lot as nothing we really fancied or needed. Kids and there dad went off for a walk down the road. I went and checked out the electric post on over side of the to were we was moored. Popped into the shop to buy a electric card.  We moved the boat to infront of the electric post. But by doing this we blocked the water point but no one wanted it so was alright. 


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