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Norwich To Oulton Broad By Kayak


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Hey everyone,
On Thursday I'm planning to kayak from Central Norwich to Oulton Broad. I've done from Norwich to Reedham before. However, beyond Reedham I know the tides/currents start to have a major impact. Can anyone tell me what I should expect (current) if I'm going with an ebbing tide:
A. when I turn right into The New Cut
B. When I turn right from The New Cut onto River Waveney
C. When the current changes and starts pulling you towards Oulton Broad
D. Anything else I should be aware of.



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Hi Adam

Assume it has to be Thursday? The thing is that low water at Norwich will be around 8.30am so it means that the tide will be flooding up the Wensum/Yare until lunch time although the tide will 'turn' at Reedham around 12. It would then ebb although this would still be against you at the New Cut as the tide ebbs and flows form the Yare end.

I think kayaks move quite quickly from what I've seen. If you could give some idea of your likely speed it might help the other questions.

I'm guessing Thursday is probably cast in stone but if it were a day when the tide was ebbing it would make it much easier!

Good luck!!

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Hey howard, thanks for the message. When I last kayaked from Norwich to Reedham it took me about 5 hours and that was with lots of stops as I wasn't pushing it at all. As a result I reckon I could do that first section in about 4 hours which would mean about 5 miles per hour (I think)??



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Hi Adam

Norwich to Reedham is 18 miles so assuming that you set off at 8 ish its likely to be 4 hours. If you did set off at that time you would catch the end of the ebb at Norwich and the incoming flood would start to take effect around Bramerton/Surlingham probably. As you head down towards Cantley the effect of the tide will be stronger.

Having sad that I don't suppose a kayak has a lot of drag so it shouldn't be too bad.

Sadly when you turn into the New Cut the tide will most likely to be just starting to ebb and that will continue all the way to Oulton Broad I'm afraid. Reedham to Oulton Broad is around 11 miles so another good 2 hours. Basically you continue down the New Cut (about 2 1/2 miles to St Olaves then continue up the Waveney to Oulton Dyke. Sadly if you maintain the 5mph speed I don't think you will get much benefit from the tide! Its just the way it goes on the day.

Generally the Broads should be getting quieter although I'm not sure when half term is. Bear in mind (which I'm sure you are aware) you are very low in the water and need to look out for other craft. Wearing some bright colours might help too! The New Cut is narrow so keep an extra look out for passing craft. You do have the advantage of minimal draft so you can keep closer to the edge than other craft. Otherwise just fingers crossed for good weather!! You'll be ready for a pint after that!! Best of luck!!


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Exactly, in an ideal world the best time to leave Norwich would be just after high water, ride down on the ebb and catch the flood up to Oulton. I'm assuming Adam has set his plans, as I say he'll be ready for that pint!! 

Wonder how he's getting back? Never thought of that :default_biggrin:

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