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Third Lake Loathing Crossing


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4 hours ago, dnks34 said:

I wonder how much was spent reaching that decision! (I say in jest) 

Although quite what Lake Lothing has to do with the Broads Authority I am not so sure! 


Its nice to see that it was thought that having an extra bridge to negotiate could increase visitors to the broads whereas the current sitution of having to negotiate two road bridges, a rail bridge and the foot bridge above the lock is maybe just not challenging enough... :default_gbxhmm:

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Am I missing a point here. 

New bridge planned and budgeted for in Great Yarmouth. 

New bridge planned and budgeted for in Lowestoft. 

Existing and problematic Rail bridges at reedham and somerleyton - on your bike and move your boat!!!

classic, those in charge not having a clue. 

Or is it maybe that roads are the future? 

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Lowestoft certainly does come to a standstill every time the current bridge is lifted.And that seems to be quite a frequent occurrence from what we've seen. I can well understand that folk who live there must find it extremely irritating. We've sat in queues of traffic there most weekends that we visit.

The only alternative, as far as I know, of going via Oulton Broad, seems to be equally bad if not worse. Always seems to be clogged up - the last time we attempted to get there we abandoned our efforts and turned round. So for those whose everyday life means getting backwards and forwards across the river I would think they would feel that this is very much needed.

Drove past an area a couple of weeks ago that had a sign saying that the land had been acquired for this project. I'm sure it will be a long time coming to fruition but it seems to be needed. 

Much as I love the Broads and the rivers, and see the equal frustration of boaters needing the bridges swung at Reedham and Somerleyton, does anyone have to get to and from work or school by passing under these bridges twice a day in a boat too high to do so without them being swung? There's always competition for funding and East Anglia often seems to lose out to other parts of the country in terms of infrastructure so if new bridges at Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth go ahead, then that's something to celebrate!

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This third crossing is vital for Lowestoft for all the reasons SwanR has highlighted.  

But, I am very sceptical that the new crossing is the answer to all the congestion issues in the Town.  Afterall the new crossing will feed onto the same set of roads that also suffer congestion from existing infrastructure (due to being so busy) and the Oulton Broad North Level Crossing which at times backs traffic up to Banatynes gym near Lidl.

This last week the railway between Norwich & Lowestoft has been closed for repairs/upgrades and traffic across the Harbour and Oulton Broad has been flowing perfectly well at most times. 

As ive said before I personally believe the main issue lies with Network Rail and thats where the changes need to be made as the Level Crossing at Oulton Broad North is in my mind the main issue. 

People will argue against it till the cows come home but I truly believe in todays times Lowestoft suffers more as a consequence of the railway than it benefits, who wants to live, work or run a business in a town thats is mostly gridlocked! 

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