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Mobile Wifi Dongle


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If you have use a portable wifi dongle with a data sim then Argos have a half version if your looking to upgrade. I have the model below this and can't fault it. It also takes a 32gig card.

I use one most days for wifi in the van for ipad/;a[top or when I work away to keep off the free wifi in the hotels.

It's used on the boat just like your router at home and conect via wifi upto 10 devices.

https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8624969?utm_campaign=11553376&cmpid=COJUN&cjsurferid=774302673764345831%3APEx5BhfRBzaV&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_content=Pepper+Deals+LTD&utm_source=CJ&cjevent=f70844bae26b11e8817701260a180510&catalogId=10001&storeId=10151&_%24ja=tsid%3A11674|prd%3A1546795&utm_term=1453124&referredURL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.argos.co.uk%2Fproduct%2F8624969&referrer=COJUN&krypto=RjB54q0Yw%2FkySHPeSbiaSYj6KUZWIzyW1ywrQr9DW1mCGuExHvqAfjSYvUoJxCOoMJ3%2FdPwEVujx rjQgwqFXteHD8tcW9I36DknlzrP6Kxo%3D

If your swapping units don't forget to check your sim size matches you may have to call in a phone shop and ask them to trim it down,


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I use the huawei one from 02, this came with 12 gb data that was valid for a year.

I paid £60, but £40 of that was the data sim. mine also allows multiple devices, and when I last checked earlier in the week I had only used 1.3gb of my 12 gb since May this year

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14 hours ago, eddybear said:

What a brilliant price, I paid three times that for mine which now is a bit old hat, I am using EE on a standard sim will that be all right for the Argos one?

Should do it's not locked to anyone network. Just check your sim card size, I think it's a micro (middle size) sim. If your sim is nano you can pick a £1 adaptor set from £shop.

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