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The View From Work This Morning


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This was my view this morning,the building with the green top.Tower 42,in my day Nat West Tower. I worked there from 1980 to 1993.Also the cheese grater and the walky talky just seen also is the monument.London bridge.Out of sight to the right is the old Billingsgate.The other photo HMS Belfast Tower bridge and in the distance  Canary Wharf. Over the years I have worked in many of the buildings on view.




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The view from Work this morning....






















No I haven't forgotten to post a picture,  except for about 5 years mostly during training some years ago (out of 43 years so far), I've never worked where I can see out of a window. in fact most places had no windows..

Time to ...head to the window less laboratory..

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I was asked to lay out the desk arrangement at my office - thus most desks at least have a glimpse of a view. except for the downstairs office which used to be warehouse space, they only have windows down one side and a view of the wall of the industrial unit opposite.

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I watched the Nat West Tower go up as I was based in Bethnal Green Road. Then some years later I watched the Central Tower at Canary Wharf go up as I was then with "The Red Propeller" in Silvertown.

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35 minutes ago, MauriceMynah said:

I was working in Tower 42 when they were building the Gherkin (and was there when the twin towers in New York were hit). I was on level 39. great view. 

Maurice,in my day Nat West Tower,we had 12 dining rooms 6 on 39 ,2 on 38 and 4 on 41.Our kitchens on 40.

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2 hours ago, Jayfire said:

Sounds like you just need a better looking boss HG :default_biggrin:

Fat chance lol he's here to stay, coughing away all day at me it's grim :default_sad:



1 hour ago, ZimbiIV said:

I am so unlucky.

Since taking early retirement, I don't have an office window to look out of.


Not envious at all Paul :default_icon_rolleyes:

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14 minutes ago, hazelgirl said:

Fat chance lol he's here to stay, coughing away all day at me it's grim :default_sad:

I phoned my old boss once and said

"I can't come in to work today as I have a wee cough".

He said, "You have a wee cough"?

I said "Really? Cheers boss, see you next week".

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I took these from the 322 metre skydeck at the 88th floor of The Eureka Tower, Melbourne, it is the highest in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you look carefully at the second photo you can see a "Rowing Eight" on The Yarra River.



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1 hour ago, Baitrunner said:

Big old bees out there:default_icon_bowdown: 

I don't know for certain why the bees are there, but Melborne is quite famous for it's rooftop honey. I very much doubt they would go anything like that height though. A decent wind and it would be next stop Tasmania.

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I was at home today while the boiler was being serviced. To be fair I'm at home all the time!!

The engineer said your cats in the garden. 


our cat has never stalked anything let alone a heron that's bigger than her. It was so funny watching her stalk it. Normally the blackbirds just hop past her.

Then this afternoon the little devil was on the patio. Where was the damn cat?


the heron deterrent on the pond needs upgrading. It's not working.  

The cat has been fired. 

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