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Of Time And Tide (and Day)


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Wednesday next week not looking much of a day if you use BA the tables (the one you can buy with your river toll).
Thursday and Friday looking out of kilter too.
But if Saturday doesn’t work out for you, you can have another stab at it the next day!
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6 minutes ago, NorfolkNog said:

Always use this site, very informative and utterly reliable in my experience 


I think some of the hirefleets use that site and publish the times in their skipper's handbooks, as the BA / Broadcaster ones are not so good and have been known to be out by as much as an hour and a half in recent years.

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29 minutes ago, TeamElla said:

For those that don’t have the BA tables:-

Wednesday doesn’t exist
Thursday is 28th
Friday is 29th
Saturday is 30th and so is 1st
Sunday back to normal

Can I claim that as a long weekend?

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Looking on the Broads Authority website the tide tables look correct.

I tend to use them by preference because of the indication of the height of the low water for passing through Great Yarmouth.



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So they have got the times wrong in the past have they?
Didn’t know that.

I like to use the printed tables as they’re readily available to hand. When the GPS is on I can even compare the Gorleston predictions.

My original point (not helped by my later bad grammar relating to Saturday) was the need to work on dates rather than the incorrectly printed days of the week.

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