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johnson 4hp outboard

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just picked up this outboard off ebay for a really good price :grin:

was working fine and still is but the tell tale water has slowed right down

it was shooting out and then after an hour or so it now trickles out

never had a water cooled before so don't actually know anything about them

any ideas why its slowed down

and has anyone got a manual on this outboard

it was built between 77-87 i think

thanks steve

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Steve! no doubt someone here will know more, but the only two things I can think of is the tell tale is blocked, or the Impellor needs re-newing, if the engine hasn't been used for a while the chances are it's the impellor that has perished, I believe you can back flush the tell tale but I have no idea how you do it on a Johnson, if it's the same as my old Mariner you can buy a thing that looks like a pair of earmuffs that clamp onto the engine sides that allows you to backflush it, if your based on the Broads why don't you have a word with the guy at Ludham Bridge Services and get it serviced, he may even know where you can get the manual for it,

Regards Frank,,,

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Was it getting hot as well though Steve ?

There's a reasonable chance it could just be a flake of rust that has moved over the small telltale hole.

I had it once with a similar sized engine, and a quick jiggle around with a nail restored the flow. (It is just a "tell tail" bleed, the main water outlet is below the water line.) :)

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Yes, when you test run an engine in a wheelie bin it heats the water up pretty quickly.

It's well worth trying to poke the tell-tale with a piece of wire or something, as I said it's always cured mine, and there's nothing to lose. :)

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well i had a poke around underneath from what i think is the tell tale hole

and ran it and the water doesn't even come out of there?????????

it comes out of a casing join in the bottom of the outboard very near the hole tho lol

so i'm now wondering if there's a rubber tube or something inside that has come off

there are 2 bolts right beside there but i'm a bit dubious to undo them

i'm one of these ppl who do things then think pig it why did i do that lol :?

and i then have to get someone else to sort the mess i just caused so now if i'm unsure i ten to leave well alone

i could really do with a manual on this thing if anyone has one they wouldn't mind scanning and emailing me pleaseeeeeeee

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