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ICOM IC-M35 Anyone got one ?

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I bought one of these at the weekend - its a great little handheld and exactly what I need, but I have a little problem...

It clicks into the charger fantastic, there's no way it will fall out which is great for our boat - but it is really, really hard to get it out of the charger. I'm sure I am going to break either the radio or the holder shortly...

I have sent an email to Icom, but haven't got a reply as yet - so, has anyone else got one of these - am I doing something wrong, or is this how its meant to be ?

Appreciate any help as I don't really want to take it back..

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I have one Luke, no issues with removal from the charger though as you say the engagement is positive to say the least, I just pull it slightly forward and it snaps (not literally :naughty: ) out. A useful feature when contacting marinas on 80 is to set it to USA, that way you can hear other boats calling instead of just the marina control via your fixed set so you are better informed as to the traffic (channel 80A)

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Thanks David. I am concerned though - it really takes excessive force to remove the radio. If I screwed the charger onto something, it would rip the screws out !!

Ah, just received this email from ICOM:-


Having tested a few stock radios, I can confirm that the IC-M35 is very snuggly fitted into the BC-173 charger pod. The tight fit is primarily due to the consideration that the charger pod can be powered on board with a cigarette lighter lead or direct DC connection to the boats battery, with the tight fit it is unlikely that the radio will fall out of the charger in stormy weather.

The battery terminals should be unaffected by this tight fit, it is the metal securing tabs on either side of the BC-173 that locate over the ridges on the battery pack, which causes the need for excessive force to release the transceiver from the charger. I would therefore advise pushing these tabs back a little to overcome the resistance that they provide. These tabs are part of the metal base plate, and can be accessed easily by removing the two screws on the base of the charger and removing the plate, allowing you to bend them back a little.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards

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