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Generator Onboard?

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3 minutes ago, JennyMorgan said:

I would expect that to be a fossil fuel powered set-up in case you get caught short. Word of warning, I have seen some appalling DIY installations especially where the exhaust is concerned, even on premium boats.

Like a petrol generator but onboard?

That would make sense, saw one with a chimney.

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A proper fit would be a raw water cooled diesel set, if it doesnt fit that description it would raise my concerns.

Ive never come across a petrol raw water cooled generator but thats not to say there isnt one. As JM says anything portable is not suitable for permenant install, it does happen and unfortunately its how a family lost their lives on Windemere if memory serves. 

You can use a portable generator but have it placed on the bank, the only issue with that would be noise nuisance to others but if you get moored up with nobody else around its not such a problem.  Some people use them to power microwaves but despite how quiet these suitcase type generators claim to be they are still noisey!

Would a chimney not be more indicitave of a wood burner or some other solid fuel appliance. It could even be for a gas water heater not something you idealy want either. 

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I have a diesel generator on board, that is to keep the batteries  charged for  the electric motor on  a long journey, when  the solar power isn't enough. It can of course be used for anything shore power would provide. 

There are several hire boats I believe, with hybrid power for drive, but it means the boat can be all electric .

Some of the big gin palaces have independent diesel generators so they have all the electric facilites of home. 

I Have a small portable petrol generator,  ( bought before I went diesel electric,  ) which I can run from the bank or foredeck, normally used to run power tools when working on the boat. ( or emergency starter battery charging via a normal battery charger) .

Note precautions are taken to avoid engine exhaust entering cabin, mine or anyone else's,  and to make sure the generator stays on the foredeck..

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Hi Pumpmedic You don't use a generator to charge batteries from shore power you use a charger, a generator would be used for battery charging if it was a river boat and not newish,  deep sea/blue water boats such as Robin has have a large output generator for cooking and air con and heating.   they dont have gas as it s difficult to replace when abroad. some smaller ones have diesel cooking,  I guess you are not looking at £200,000 plus boats, river/estuary boats they may have a (suitcase) generator which will be petrol powered these shouldn't be used on board, popular on canals, they only have a 8 amp 12 volt dc output and 1000w 240v ac output and air cooled/noisey . there could be purpose built on board diesel geny's for cooking/battery charging these would probably be Hybrid powered and would say so. speak to vender. John

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