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Firstly I think there should be a special board entitled "Numpty Questions" - I would post there a lot :grin:

If anyone has seen me lower the tender in the water they will immediatley see me raise it again when I realise I have left the transom plug out and it fills with water :o (Yep - everytime so far) :oops::oops:

The "valve" thing looks like it should be sort of one way and it does not seem right to rely on a plug fitted on the outside of the boat to stop the water coming in - is that right ? :?



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You wouldn't be alone!! Id be an avid reader and poster for sure..........and lets face it.......its usually questions everyones been wanting to ask!!!.......If thats bein a numpty, Im with you!!...........actually ive noticed one of those in ours-and not yet investigated........probably because id forget to put it back in :lol::lol:

Bit like why don't you wear a hat as you head out to sea................cos Gavin ends up doubled up laughing and uttering "woops.........didn't you want that hat?" :grin::grin:


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I think we have all been numptys when it comes to drain plugs Wayne.

Back in my water skiing days, there was many of times I forgot to put the bung back in, It wasn't until I felt the boat getting heavy on the steering and passengers in the back getting wet bums I'd realise my mistake. :o The last thing you wanted was a Mercury 200hp Black Max going under water. I guess it was a good job we already had wet suits on to jump in and refit the plug.

I think the idea of the one way valve set up on dinghy's is so you can remove the bung, get it on a plane and any water inside will be drawn out and you can refit the bung when dry. Of course you can't do this on the Broads. :naughty:


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I leave my drain plug out (which is on the inside!) to stop the rain water building up too much inside the dinghie. Have I ever left it out ? ..... Of course I bloody have :lol:

As far as numpty questions, the only daft question is the one you DIDN'T ask! There'll be plenty from me soon about outboards as this numpty drove a round trip of 350 miles today to pick up a 9.8hp ebay purchase! Does it run? Haven't got the foggiest :lol:

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Hiya guys

I have been trying to find a very small leak in the floor of the dinghy. It seems as there is a very slow leak around the valve which takes a week to deflate. Typically the valves seem not to be the common ones. Can anyone reccommed somewhere that repairs dinghys where I could have the old valve replaced with a newer type.



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has anyone got any idea on how to change the valves?

my new dinghy the air floor is leaking it goes down in a day :(

not good really

i have just contacted quicksilver suppliers and hopefully will be getting a new valve soon

thanks steve

The standard Quicksilver flush fit valves need a special castellated spanner to remove and replace, they are available from Polymarine quite cheaply as are the valves.

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i just ordered 2 valves and the tool to change them from norfolkmarine

i wouldn't say they were cheap tho lol

nearly £60 :shocked

they also emailed me and said they are really hard to change and good luck lol

nice hey as they are the main suppliers lol

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the saga of my new outboard i won off ebay

i won it fri eve and emailed the chap and said can i pick it up sunday mid afternoon as it'll take me 3 1/2 hours to get there

he said yes he'd be out on his boat for the weekend but gave me his mobile number and said he'd be back mid afternoon

so i emailed him again and asked for his address ----- no reply

so i thought i'd just go out there and keep trying his mobile which was on answer machine

we arrived at 3.30pm in stadhampton oxfordshire really lovely tiny village

nice green so we sat and waited

still the answer phone

i said to the wife no worries he said he'd be back mid afternoon maybe he's not got a signal or the battery has gone flat etc

come 4.30 still no answer

luckily on his answer message it gave a number of his work partner so i rung him and had a chat

nice bloke but obviously didn't want to give out any details

but he did say he'd email him to let him know we were waiting

come 6pm i'm getting annoyed by now knowing its 3 1/2 hours drive home

still no joy so rung his mate again and got his home phone number off him

we decide to go for a drive and have a look around oxford

8.30 the chap finally arrives home and answers his home phone

oh he said my mobile is broke and i'd actually forgotten you were coming today


so we picked the outboard up at 8.30 pm

he put the petrol tank in the boot for me and off we set

after 10 mins the wife says can you smell petrol?

he'd only put the tank in upside down and left the vent screw open so petrol has dripped all over the boot floor carpet

so thats now on the boat trying to air out after a good hosing down

we home by midnight worn out shattered and needing sleep as we had to be up at 6.00 for work monday

so i think monday right i'll put it on the dinghy and try it out and guess what it doesn't work properly

it stalls and runs really rough

so now is in for repair i'm hoping it isn't too much because it cost us £60 in petrol to pick it up

so to win a cheap outboard on ebay and the cost of the fuel and now to have to have it repaired i don't think its gonna be that cheap

but hey ho wayne at least when its done i'll have nearly 10hp of outboard :party:

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