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First Christmas Afloat.


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Our first allocation on Moonlight Shadow was scheduled for 22-29 December but the week before became available so the plan was for me to come up on Wednesday or Thursday with Debs and the BCE joining me Friday then Chris and his kids coming Saturday. The plan was for me to spend the time time on my own changing out the lights for LEDs  so I'd ordered the main light fittings from Brian Wards, to be collected when I arrived.

On Saturday evening Debs casually said "we could have gone to the boat this weekend, then you could have stayed there" We looked at each other and by 9.00am we were in Brundall wondering where all the water had gone!


Monday morning, Debs had gone back to go to work and I picked up the main light fittings from BW. and it was back to the boat to make a start.


The three in the main saloon and two in the galley were easy, a straight swap1204760632_2018-12-1715_58_56.thumb.jpg.80e5cca8624f567d6dfff6bf5997386c.jpg

The first challenge were the bulkhead lights, two in the heads and one under the unit in the galley. This is the one from the aft head




As you can see the lens was in very poor condition, the backing plate corroded and some of the wires burnt. The problem is I can't find a replacement for these locally, these are obsolete, so I had to have a rethink. In the end I have replaced the one in the galley with this



This gave me three lights to cannibalise to make two. The bulbs in the ones in the heads have been changed for LEDs and now I can look further afield for replacements.



More later




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The galley, heads and saloon are now done bar one of the saloon lights that I have taken the plinth off for Jeckells to use as a pattern to make me three more for the mid and aft cabin.


The problem in the two cabins is that the old lights are just that, old and a different style so the hole on the headlining can't be covered by the new ones



If these surrounds were still available I could probably get away with it




But they are obsolete. In the main saloon they are on a plinth and have surrounds



But fitting flush to the plinth will be ok.


Now it's getting close to beer o'clock :)

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10 minutes ago, SteveDuk said:

If these surrounds were still available I could probably get away with it




But they are obsolete. In the main saloon they are on a plinth and have surrounds

@C.Ricko Had some of those in the shop section at Horning as he showed me them earlier in the year when I was swapping some lighting out on Thunder..

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Hi Steve

Sorry I've been busy at work the last few days, but the planned works look like they are coming on great. 

Big thanks for volunteering for this one, and all your efforts.

I can't wait to see how it's all turned out when back on board next week :1310_thumbsup_tone1:


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For the heads, I have just replaced the old fitting on Trixie with one of these:


Very compact - 15.3 x 2.5 x 8.8 cm, but incredibly bright (350 Lumen) with a nice warm white not cold white output. All LED and has the fixings and cable ends pre-wired. 12 volt.

£9.50 on Amazon, but I was sent a 2nd unit in error - so have one going free which you are welcome to try out. 

I am going to be working on Broad Ambition on 22nd and 23rd December if you are about you can collect. Otherwise I will try and remember to take it back to Indy in Brundall.

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Slightly out of sequence but Christmas dinner at the New Inn, Rockland St Mary was absolutely superb. We've always enjoyed the food there but this time they really pulled out all the stops. After dinner it was back to MS  for forty-winks and then the pub in the evening for a couple.


After an early night we set off for Brundall in the morning. Les was going by car (Debs had to work Christmas eve and had driven to Rockland) and Debs and I were on the boat. Debs was at the helm and tried to get me to take over as we approached the mooring but I wouldn't let her. It was perfect conditions, virtually slack water and no wind and she got us onto the mooring  without any problems.Debs car was there but no sign of Les, a quick Whatsapp and problem solved, he was in the Yare having a 'coffee' (yeah right!) so we went to join him. Debs commented that the dogs seemed to know where we were going, well after 10 days up here with me they should have known lol. Then it was back to the boat for lunch (pic above)

Today we off to see my Mum and Dad in Holt this afternoon, taking two cars so Debs will leave for home from there as she is working tomorrow, then Les and I are staying until Saturday which will give me a chance to fit the last three LED light fittings and fill up with diesel and pump out Saturday morning.

We then have a month until we are up here again for a week on Thunder :)

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