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The Last Wherry -1998 Documentary


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This might be of interest to some of you - originally broadcast in 1998, the year of Albion's centenary, The Last Wherry tells the story of how Albion survived and of some of the people who saved her. Lots of interesting interviews with Wherry Trust members along with an overview of the history and eventual decline of the trading wherry, and the development of pleasure wherries and wherry yachts as the popularity of holidays afloat grew. 



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Thanks Carol for sharing that with the Forum - there are many lovely shots in there and if you all have the time, please look at it and enjoy!

The Trust still continues in good heart as I am sure they will confirm, and this year, 2019, is the 70th anniversary of her rescue - I doubt through all those difficult periods in her history, did many Members really believe she would still be around today. However, following a 10 yr period of restoration, she is in good fettle and I hope the Trust can continue this progress for the benefit of our children and indeed, those that follow.

The Broadland scenery without a huge black sail drifting past the reedbeds, would be lacking something!! And no, there is no BA funding or assistance these days!!!!!

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2 hours ago, marshman said:

I doubt through all those difficult periods in her history, did many Members really believe she would still be around today.

I come from one of those "difficult periods" and I know what you mean!

Thanks very much Carol, I had never seen that film before. I have been sitting here making a list of all the people that I recognise, but I won't bore you by listing them here. The only one of the "old school" that I never met was Roy Clark and I very much wish that I had.

Some others that were not in the film were Nat Bircham and Ewan Anderson, well known skippers of Albion as was Paul Bown. And of course Dougie Blewett, who was chairman of the trust before I was  and could do things with the wherry under sail, in the dark, that I would never have believed possible.

At 20 mins 44 in the film you will see Mike Fuller, who I was honoured to have working with me on my yard at Womack, in the days when she used the yard as her winter base, before the present premises were built. He did his apprentice-ship under Jimmy Turner at Herbert Woods. I see that he is now a president of the trust, so next time I see him I shall have to call him Sir!

But the one we must all remember is Lady Mayhew. When I was chairman she was the "Queen Mother" of the trust and guided us through those difficult times with her few, well chosen, words.

Back when the trust was first being formed they had a "save the wherry week" which involved a publicised fund raising cruise around the Broads and ended with a big charity dinner, which I think was in Lowestoft. The story goes, that Lady Mayhew rose to give her welcoming speech and said " Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to welcome the Lord Mayor of Norwich, the Mayor of Yarmouth, the Mayor of Lowestoft, the Mayor of Beccles - and any other old Mayors who may be present."

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Vaughan - you will be very pleased to know that Paul Bown is still very much around and about - so much so I had a drink with him last Thursday in the Coach and Horses!!!! A load of old, and younger, Wherry gits, having a few jars together!

I think Mike would be upset if you called him "Sir"  - he has been very much less evident over the last year or so but still gets around Ludham on his mobility scooter!

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