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Eastick Falcon 26

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On ‎16‎/‎01‎/‎2019 at 17:16, smitch6 said:

I have the thames registration number 74449

I started my boating on the Thames in the late '70s. Registration numbers don't have the same significance as on the Broads. They are not displayed on a boat (apart perhaps on the paper registration document). At the time (I'm not sure if it has changed), every boat registered on the Thames must have a unique name (hence 1,2,3 etc for a class is always displayed) and the name must be displayed on both sides at the bow and across the stern.

The fact you have found a name on the bottom of a draw and not any Broads registration numbers does lend weight to your boat being delivered straight to the Thames and never being used on the Broads. 

11 hours ago, smitch6 said:

i rung them and they only did either 25 or 27' models

Was this boat ever produced in models other than the 26? Did builders build various moulds all around the same length? I suspect not. I suspect the 25ft variant was Swan Fiesta (Hampton Safari) and the 27ft is just measuring error. As you say it might be worth measuring yours. Maybe they are 26ft 6 in and some people round up?

I've had another look at my old brochures and found the following examples of the Eastick Falcon 26 on the Thames in the late '70s early '80s.

Swan Harmony class: This is in Hoseasons1976 brochure and is described as newly built. I've already posted this and the photo appears to be a library photo. I don't have the 1975 brochure, so don't know if it appeared earlier. The photo changes to what appears to be an actual Thames photo of Swan Harmony 2 in 1982

11 hours ago, smitch6 said:

what brochure was this pls

The photo I posted was from Hoseasons' 1983 brochure.

Sovereign Janet, Consort Cruisers, Datchet: This appears in Blakes 1977 brochure and is described as new in 1977. The photo looks like a library photo, so I've not reproduced it.

Blue Gem class, Bushnells, Maidenhead: This appears in Hoseasons' 1981 Brochure. The photo is clearly the Broads and I suspect this is a broads import.

Hope this info helps.

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