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Hoveton Great Broad, Bushcraft And A Canoe.


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I've just been idling time away on the laptop, after a guitar lesson and I came across a film, on 'YouTube'. It's filmed by a chap going for a paddle around the Salhouse area in his Canadian canoe, he's obviously into 'bushcraft' and the outdoor life. It features a trip around Hoveton Great Broad (naughty boy), I've seen the broad from the nature trail, but not from the water. So, that was interesting, until he found out the broad is private and beat a hasty retreat back to the river.

Bushcraft is not really my thing. Now I love camping, but I'm a softy at heart and have all the 'creature comforts' I can pack into the tent, with electric hookup (usually) too. I did find myself shouting "get the bleedin' zippo out", when he had problems with his fire lighting skills (the gusty Norfolk breeze). I have the utmost respect, for anyone mad enough to brave a cold, wet, winter day in the wilds (sort of) of Norfolk. I know what it's like, I can remember many times fishing and watching the ice form in the margins. But, that was a few years in the past, these days I find it difficult to work up the enthusiasm to leave the fireside in 'silly weather'...

I haven't paddled a canoe since I was at school, but it did look fun (in better weather, perhaps) and while I'm sitting here, the thought of a trip to see 'the canoe man' this spring/summer seems a good idea. I've often heard it said, that seeing the broads from a canoe is a completely different experience and much closer to nature, which definitely appeals to my 'tree hugging' side. I was mightily impressed with his canoe, what a thing of beauty it is, not remotely like the fibreglass ones we had at school...

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting 'broadsy' video, just a pity about his 'GoPro' getting a bit steamed up, but apart from that it's a well made film. I hope some of you enjoy watching it too.


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7 hours ago, ChrisB said:

Some portage from car park to Broad and back again at Salhouse. He must be well fit.

Perhaps he had a pair of wheels near and handy, many of us paddlers do. 


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A canoe like that is actually not very heavy. My home built ply one is a similar size, possibly slightly larger) and weighs in at 22kg. His looks to be a professional build strip plank which would probably come in at no more than 20kg. With the carrying yoke at the balance point and with the right technique a portage like that is no problem at all - his technique is evident in the dismount from shoulder to ground on arrival at the waterside at Salhouse.

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I thoroughly enjoyed watching this one and have now subscribed to his channel. I can see that some of his other videos have also been on the Broads. Maybe we should start a topic or an area where people can recommend YouTube channels they enjoy following, especially those related to boating of one sort or another.

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