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Hoveton Little Broad


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I believe that Hoveton Little Broad is open to boats for one week after Easter and then from Spring Bank Holiday until the end of October.

Can anyone tell me exactly when it closes after Easter? Easter Sunday this year is 21st April, so the following weekend is 27th & 28th April. Will the broad be open both days?

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Hoveton little broad is the proper name for what is known as black horse broad.  It gained the name of black horse after the pub that used to be on the Hoveton Horning road on the other side of the road from the broad. 

The broad , bewilderwood and that section of road down to the dip with the stream is  in Hoveton parish. 

Then programme shows horning sailing club, sailing on the 21st on the broad,  IIRC it's open both weekends. 


It's not the only broad to have become known by something different, what is known as Sutton broad used to be called Stalham broad.. 

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11 hours ago, AEJB said:

Black Horse opens Easter Saturday for 1 week.

It then opens again Spring Bank holiday Saturday.

Finally closes for winter on the 31st October.

Hope this helps

Thanks AEJB, but what does that actually mean in practice? It opens on Easter Saturday, but does it close on Friday 26th  (1 week = 7 days), Saturday 27th (1 week = 7 nights) or on Sunday 28th (might as well include the weekend)?

11 hours ago, TheQ said:

IIRC it's open both weekends

This sort of makes sense, but does anyone know for sure?

12 hours ago, SwanR said:

I just looked on the Broads Authority website where the information was as vague as that which you already have. Maybe worth contacting them to ask?

Is the BA responsible for its opening and closing? I think I will give them a call and ask.

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The Broad is in the ownership of the Blofield estate, Back in the 1949 they tried to close it entirely as they did Hoveton Great Broad,  Lead by Herbert Woods, about 30 men reopened the broad . The police were involved, and eventually compromise was made that the broad would be opened for the summers.  Sadly no one forced the reopening of any other broads that were closed.

Blofield Estate hold the Keys and control the water, however for safety and other reasons I believe BA  hold a set.

Recently we had a club member who had a terminal illness and he requested a final sail on Black Horse / Hoveton Little Broad. We are greatful the The Estate for allowing us in and quite a few Yeoman went up there for a final hours sailing with him...

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2 or 3 years ago I decided to have a cruise round there on the Saturday morning after easter. On arrival there was a BA launch at the entrance. They told me I could have my cruise before locking the gate and they closed it as I came back out and locked it. 

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I've just spoken to Broads Control, who have spoken to the Ranger who unlocks/locks the Broad. Officially the last day its open is the Sunday after Easter, but as Marshman says actually when it gets locked does depend on when the Ranger is passing which could be Monday morning.

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