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Moonlight Shadow Tales

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1 hour ago, SwanR said:

Shame about the problems with the heating. I guess that's all part of syndicate ownership. . . . . . . . . .


Just to clarify, the heating fault the week previous to us taking Moonlight Shadow out had been identified as an issue with the burner, which had been replaced.  The new fault was a problem with the fuel feed to the heater unit and probably not related.  I understand that it has now been fixed and I have seen emails from other members of the syndicate stating that the heating is now working correctly.

Everything breaks down, some more frequently than others.  In eight years hiring from Summercraft we didn't experience anything more major than a bulb blowing in the toilet and a hair drier not working, but we have suffered much more significant issues hiring from other yards and watching some Youtube blogs, it's apparent that others have had many more problems than us.  I believe even Robin (London Rascal) had an issue with a relatively new heater on Indy, so it's not necessarily a question of maintenance, just the way it goes sometimes.

At the end of the day, we still enjoyed our time on the boat and we will not have to wait long to be back on board again.  Syndicate membership suits us very well indeed and my only regret is that it took me so long to get round to joining one.


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Hi Mouldy,

Many thanks for writing a thoroughly interesting read, along with some stunning pics. Just for future reference,  I`m sure you know where Lightning is moored, so if the water on the fuel berth is turned off again, you could always moor temporarily on the end of our mooring, or actually on it if she`s not there, and use the yellow hose halfway down. It does stretch to all berths on our mooring area.

Once again, thanks for a gret post.

You`re lucky, we could have been aboard Lightning this week, but have limited holiday from work, so won`t be on Lightning til late June, and then again in early September. We only usually use Lightning twice out of our 4 week allocation, but will (possibly next year) use her 3 times, but never 4.

Hopefully, we`ll see you afloat some time in one of your future cruises.

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1 hour ago, SwanR said:

I think you have misunderstood me. All I meant was that if you have a part share in a boat then you have a definite responsibility to do your best to get something fixed for the next owners. It's your boat after all. And on occasion, from the holiday tales I have read, that means sacrificing a day or two of your holiday if there's a problem. Mouldy did say that they would end their break prematurely on the Friday.

Yes, hirers can encounter breakdowns as well. And yes, hirers will naturally have to do their best also to get to somewhere where an engineer has land access and can come out. We've done that ourselves three times but only been inconvenienced for a couple of hours. I wouldn't expect to have to end my holiday early in order to give the yard time to investigate something for the next hirers.

Just a slight difference. 

Hi Jean,

As i said, i did`nt intend my comment to sound rude, it was`nt meant that way.  However,  even though you say i misinterpreted your comments, if i`ve done so, then so could somebody else.

I`ve often said, when you speak to someone face to face, you can use a tone of phrase and voice to make your comments easily understandable, but where writing and printed words are concerned, it`s quite easy to misinterpret something which meant in all innocence. I`ve done it myself before, as have others.

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2 hours ago, SPEEDTRIPLE said:

Without trying to sound rude, it's absolutely NOTHING to do with syndicate ownership. Many years ago, my Brothers Brother in law hired a boat from Herbert Woods in late October (school half term) and as it would be, it was cold. The heating wouldn't fire up, but the engineers wouldn't come out, as it wasn't an emergency.

It is'nt just syndicate boats that have problems and breadowns, how often have we read on this forum where people have hired boats and they've had breakdowns, sometimes more than one?.

To say it's a problem with syndicate boating is to be honest, a bit irresponsible, a it could give people a bad impression, and put them off buying a share, and enjoying an excellent system of boat ownership.

I called Richardsons out twice last May they were with us in half an hour one call was the heater not firing up they took the unit out and replaced it with another they had brought with them sorted in about twenty mins

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3 hours ago, Mouldy said:

   Syndicate membership suits us very well indeed and my only regret is that it took me so long to get round to joining one.



I looked into syndicate ownership what must be 20 odd years back, but kept thinking it was all too good to be true, and there`s always some dark secret hidden somewhere.  However, when i eventually got around to meeting people and taking the time to talk to them and look over the boats, i came to the conclusion it was the way ahead for us. In 2014, we bought our share in Lightning, but at that time, she was`nt the boat she is now. She was run very much on the basis, "if it aint broke, don`t fix it". But these days with a change of structure in the syndicate chairmanship, Lightning is a superb boat, undergoing ongoing updates and replacements, even when they "aint broke".  In fact, our decision to sell our share when we retire (5 years time) and buy our own boat has now changed, and that we are now seriously considering buying another share in Lightning to double our 4 weeks to 8 weeks a year, and being retired, we will be able to make full use of the double allocation.

Mouldy (Malcolm is it?),  you`ve explained things very well, and have also shown syndicate ownership in a very good and posative way.

Here`s looking forward to your next adventure.

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