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Looking For Vintage Brochure / Pictures


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On 09/03/2019 at 09:39, Vaughan said:

 I have just noticed that your boat has s/s handrails and an aluminium windscreen, but those in the earlier photos have wooden ones. These may have been changed in later years but may also indicate that your boat is a later build. The side window profiles seem to be the same.

I did notice as well, having done some repairs I’ve noticed that there are different screw hole patterns under our current rails which seem to indicate that they have been changed. I guess the wood didn’t stand the test of time!

On 09/03/2019 at 10:41, w-album said:

Are you sometimes moored on the Lea near Ware? Saw two ex Broads boats on a walk at the beginning of the year both with old reg numbers visible. Was one you? Liz

We have never been that far north so it must have been someone else. I have seen anotther Aquafibre 38 just like ours headed north on the Lee. I don’t think it is lived on though.

On 09/03/2019 at 17:15, Broads01 said:

I'm pretty sure the brochure has the size wrong and it's 38 foot. 

Our survey concurs :)

Thanks to everyone for the interest and the interesting facts and pictures!!!

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  • 2 years later...

Hi there,


I'm interested in buying an Aquafibre 38 - do you have any thoughts on it, any things to watch out for?

What's it like to live on? Does it fit through every lock, is it suited to all canals?

The alternative would be a narrowboat, but I'm very drawn to the Aquafibre 38.

Any thoughts on this would be very much appreciated!



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No it can't pass all canals. The locks on the Midland canals are only 7' wide, so you will be limited in where you can go. Even on 'broad' canals you will be limited by bridge headroom and tunnels. 

On this forum you will get a lot of great advice on the Broads and I'm sure a lot on the type boat. If you want more canal advice, it might be worth trying a canal forum as well.

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I'd stick to horses for courses, narrow boats for canals, wide beam for wide canals and Broads cruisers for river systems like the Broads, Thames etc.


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Given that most narrow boats and wide beam narrow boats are steel hulled, personally I wouldn’t want to use a fibreglass hulled boat on the cut.  There’s clearly a significant risk of serious damage being inflicted if hit by a narrow boat.  Have you not watched Timothy West and Prunella Scales on the loose?? :default_gbxhmm:

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