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Weekend on the Orwell

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At last we managed to get away for the weekend.

I hadnt had a weekend off for 5 weeks and so the past weekend was a truly welcome break.

We had intended to leave early evening on Friday but the domestic pump decided to give up the ghost and I had to scrab around for a replacment. Finallly were ready to go at 21.00 and thus missed the best part of the fair tide southwards. So, we had a Gin or 2 and decided to leave on the 0300 outbound bridge lift. God, what a time to get up!!!

Off we went and what a glorious trip down to the Orwell. At first the sea state was rippled becoming slight, sunrise was wonderful,all was well but I got bored as I normally do.

Arrived in the Orwell and went up the stour to do a spot of fishing by the trot of mooring buoys, as usual, my fishing skills were to no avail and I wasted 15 quids worth of bait.

Back up to Shotly in the early evening, a couple of pints and a meal in the Shipwreck and bed, and slept the night away untill 10.00.

we met up with a couple from Lowestoft cruising club, and I was sure I saw Dave and Perry's boats and on closer observance, there they were, so I said a quick hello and introduction, and had to get back to Frigid Brigid as we were to leave soon to take the ebb back up North.

I just got fired up when I heard an old friend coming into the locks. As we hadnt seen D and his wife for a while, they came over to J pontoon for a quick cup of tea and then we were off.

A good trip back up to Lowestoft was enjoyed in fine weather and visibility, the wind starting off due south at Harwich and then North by the time we reached Lowestoft.

We were back on our berth by 19.15 and safe arrival drinks consumed,had an early night.

A good weekend, very relaxing and an opportunity to meet up with people like Dave and Perry. Next time down at Shotley we must have a drink or 2!!!!


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Really sorry to have missed you for a Saturday night beer Paul but we were off to Ipswich for the Proms in The Park concert just as you were locking in. Still it was good to meet you on Sunday; pleased the trip back went OK. That ship of yours does take up a large proportion of the lock BTW. :grin:

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Passed your fine vessel the other day on the way in or out of Mutford, have to say she was looking very nice.

A nice trip and glad you got the weather to make it enjoyable. How long does it take you Lowestoft to Orwell? I did try to do Yarmouth to Lowestoft at displacement speed (6 knots for Clanny) but got bored half way and ended up chasing Namaste with Ann and Gav on board round in circles at full chat.

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Yes it was a good weekend, perfect just to get away for even a short while.

it normally takes us about 5 hours to get to Shotley. Thats with a fair tide so we have to leave Lowestoft at LW Dover which is the start of the flood. Conversly we have to leave the Orwell at HW Dover and carry the ebb back up.

I got it wrong in the Thames once (just the once) where we were going against the ebb, it took an age to get past Tilbury at 1 knot!!!!!!!!!.

I dont mind going at displacment speed as I dont have to watch my fuel tanks empty at a phenominal rate, although I do get bored S------s at times!

Thanks for the complement on Frigid Brigid, she is a fine ship, we are lifting out on Wednesday as we seem to have a problem with propellor vibration.


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