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Advice on which boat to hire

Guest Gemsy

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Hi all,

Me and my husband are currenlty looking at hiring a boat for a week in september. We have visted the broads before and hired from faircraft but when we have been looking at their prices they seem very expensive. Can anyone reccomend another boat yard and/or any boats. We would like something comfortable with room at the front or back for my husband to fish comfortably.

Thanks in advance for any help


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Depending on how comfy he wants to be...

my wife and I hired Petite Gem, from Richardsons...

A very good boat for the money, easy to handle, room enough to swing a cat in the shower/toilet.

I sat on the front fishing...didn't catch much though...

Back cabin...cosy...salon roomy enough for two...

We hired in August for our aniversary,,, and I think it was about 350 - 400


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Here I am! :lol:

Well for fishing Broadland Wave is good as they have a 'patio' area at the back - a large well that has sliding doors onto the saloon, so if he is fishing you could still be in talking distance if you wanted, and there'd be quite a bit of space out there for all the fishing gear and getting comfy I would think.

Richardsons have a wider range of standard than Faircraft, but I always find them very good value for the boats hire fee, and the Wave's were refitted about ten years ago and still look quite good. They dont go under some bridges (Wroxham, Potter, Beccles Old etc) - is that important.

The other option would be a bathtub style that has a forward well, also good for fishing. Something like Salerno, Autumn Horizon (Acle base) would be a similar fitout standard and price I think.

Might be worth doing some availability searching and see if any of the above are an option, and if not I will put my thinking cap on!

All the best


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Hi Dan

personaly i would got for broadland wave aswell but also you have Barbados which got totaly refitted in 2009 (photo's Dan :lol: )

but if you dont mind spending a little more you have melody & san remo both sedans with bit wells in the stern with patio doors but also options to bring friends aswell split the cost...

but i think Richardson's the best for good prices helpful staff clean boats & a wide range to suit all types of pockets not just silk lined :lol::lol:

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cheers for all your help guys!

You really do know your onions Dan.

I looked at the wave and the first ones you put on but non are available in September, unfortunately.

We also looked at the others you mentioned and think we have narrowed down our choices to

Clear Gem, San Remo and Melody. we are torn between these as all seem to offer something that ticks a box that the other doesnt. Meldoy is the most expensive with Clear Gem £120 cheaper for the week. So torn!

Does anyone have any info or pics on these boats that will help me decide??

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Clear Gem is slightly a little more basic I would say. If a Rhapsody is available these have been fully refitted and are probably a more spacious layout than Clear and also have the engine aft rather than opposite the galley (so quieter).

Melody has been refitted around eight years ago at most so will be slightly more modern than 'Remo which is still nice.

Will look you out some pictures,

All the best


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melody & san remo get the emotions flowing such stunning boats

also melody has 240v powerd by an inverter thats also why its a little more expensive some boats that a basic only have 12v

Jonny ice sliceice slice

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Thanks for all your help everyone, especially you Dan. We have booked it. Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

We have got the San Remo! Cant wait!!

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Hi Gemsy

No problems, hope you have a good holiday! It'll be interesting to see how the interior has changed since the photo five years ago. I have a feeling they have new curtains and new galley cupboard doors, but that might be just one within the class or I could have dreamt that... my memory is not what it was!

Let us know how you get on,


P.S External piccie added


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