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Morse MT3

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We have an old BMC 1500 diesel with a Morse MT3 single throttle/gear select control.

The problem is that it will not stay put at around 1400 RPM unless we fiddle about by exceeding that speed and gingerly backing off.

As we do there is a definite click above 1400 RPM, below which the control becomes "loose" and is hard to keep in one place until we are well below 1400 RPM.

Any ideas where our problem lies?

(A look at the exploded view of the MT3 gives no clues)


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sounds like somethings come loose and requires adjustment,can,t see it from here but here,s a manual .......

http://www.teleflexmorse-eu.com/library ... ctions.pdf

hope you get sorted soon


opps just read you,ve got this? think you,ll just have to strip it and make sure everything,s tight,and the cable,s run free,could be stretched

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Thanks Trev,

I have put up with this for 10 years now but if anything it is getting worse, so it could be a wear issue.

I expected to find some kind of variable friction device (as I have on the steering wheel) but there's nothing that I can find.

Maybe I should buy a new MT3, though I am not totally convinced that it will be any different.


p.s. thought I would have plenty of replies on this. Seems no-one knows.

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Mine does the same thing, but at higher revs. It slowly backs off all by itself.

According to the marina people it is knackered, but then that's probably just because would rather replace it with a new one than repair it. They are fairly expensive to replace, I took mine apart but couldn't figure out what was up with it.

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