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Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show 8th - 11th August 2019

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Is it really that time already? With the 2019 season racing into full swing it has come as quite a shock to realise that our little event is now weeks rather than months away! Yes, plans are all in place and our entry list is full for this years show.

I think the most important anouncement is that we have moved the date of the event. The old VWBA had always run their event to coincide with the Beccles Carnival weekend so when I resurected the show I mantained that date. However, with the need for more space as our events grows, everyone who attended last year were given a vote as to whether we stayed as before or moved our event to the preceeding week which offered more space and the chance to enjoy the Beccles Harvest Moon Festival. There was overwhelming support for the earlier date and so this year will see us at Beccles from the 9th to 11th of August.


As a by product of our earlier date we have also moved sides at Beccles. We will now be on the Harbour Masters side as well as along the main river front giving us a very desirable 42 moorings, yes 42! More good news is that, because there are no other events within the yacht station that weekend, the 35 moorings on the other side of the marina are available for visiting boats to come and see the event first hand. The yacht station have decided there is no pre booking on those moorings therefore giving everyone a fair chance of being able to just turn up and moor.

So whats going on?

This year we are starting with an informal gathering in Oulton Broad on Thursday the 8th August. We are expecting around 20 boats in Oulton Broad Yacht Station itself with more mud weighted in the bay or generally spread around as their mood takes them. Thursday evening will be a wine and cheese party at one of our owners pads overlooking the broad (will try not to keep you awake Peter:default_biggrin:) .



Friday the 9th is our cruise to Beccles. Somewhere around 30 woodies will leave Oulton Broad at 12.30 in convoy to Beccles Yacht Station. What a sight!  In 2018 we filled the Waveney with beautiful varnish, gleaming chrome, polished brass, scrubbed decks and magnificent examples of boats from most of the finest builders on the broads.  Last years cruise was featured in Classic Boat magazine (as some of you will remember) and they liked it so much they are coming back again!! And then 20 odd boats suddenly all arrived at the yacht station at the same time... formation mooring at its best!




Saturday the 10th is show day. I say it every year but it is such a priviledge to be able to have a look round some of these craft. Many of the owners open their boats up and you get to appreciate the sheer amount of work that goes into these vessels. Of course its only by talkng to each other that we also get those bits of inside information on hard to do jobs, upgrades, good sources of wood etc as well as that absolute wealth of hands on experience to draw on.

Saturday evening is Maxines bring and share evening. Most of the boats prepare a plate of food - everything from curry, chilli, pasta, salads, sausage rolls, you name it - which they bring along and then we all share it. A more enjoyble and varied meal you will not find!


Sunday the 11th. Sunday was going to be just a chill day. Some people are off catching tides for the long trip north before work on Monday whereas others will stay till Monday or beyond and just enjoy the place. Anyway, Tim, the Harbour Master, thought that what we needed on Sunday was something to replace the carnival and wondered about a boat jumble... so he is organising one! Yes, details below but there will be a boat jumble on the quayside at the Yacht Station from 10.00.

Last year the boat show raised over £300 for our nominated charity which was superb. This year we will be raising money for cancer research.

And there you have it.

And here's this years entry list... I cant help but drool every time I look at it!


Admiral Jack - Broom Boats

Lady Helena - Sanderson

Zephyr - Broom Boats

Dawn Star - Powles

Brookwind - WindBoats

Broom Robb (sorry, not got her new name yet)

Maggie Jane - Martham Boats

Water Rail - Herbert Woods


Judith - Martham Boats

Chloe Jane - William Overy

Malanka - Broom Boats

Broad Ambition - Powles

Judith M - Martham Boats

Emily B

Countess of Light - Herbert Woods

Luna Aurora -  Broom Boats (this years photographer ship)

Royal Tudor - Royalls

Fairstar - Broom Boats

Chameleon - NBYC

Nipper - Moores

Panther - Aston Boats

Tabitha Rose - Herbert Woods

Finale - Porter & Haylet

Kingfisher - Herbert Woods

Missouri Star- Powles

Lady Helena - Herbert woods

Phoenix - Bell Boats

Mystic Melody - Andrews (Thames)

Highlight 5 - Herbert Woods

Manxman - Herbert Woods

Georgia - Chris Craft

Merlin - Alpha Craft

Golden Cockerell - Wilson 24

Anglian Queen - Pegg Marine

Cornelia - Broom Boats

Iverna -

Mona's Queen - Herbert Woods

Sandpiper - Sandersons

Isabel - Powles

Jayne - Martham Boats

Star Premier - Powles


And finally - thanks Ian and Timbo.



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Oops, missed this bit... lol


Beccles Wetland Trust


are pleased to announce the


Beccles Boat Jumble


Sunday August 11th 2019


Beccles Yacht Station



to coincide with the 40+ boat


Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show



Tim (Beccles Harbour Master) 01502 712225


Free Admission

(though there will be a Wetland Trust collection pot out on the

day, donations gratefully received)


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Thanks JA, very good of you once again.

We are looking forward to the whole weekend

We are also looking forward nearly as much to emptying our wet shed locker of all manner of surplus boaty stuff.  It'll probably completely fill up our Fwd Port cabin taking it with us,  we need to get rid of it at the boat jumble whilst resisting the temptation to replace it with yet more boaty stuff and taking it back with us!


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32 minutes ago, BroadAmbition said:

we need to get rid of it at the boat jumble whilst resisting the temptation to replace it with yet more boaty stuff and taking it back with us!

master that and you will be the envy of us all :default_biggrin:

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We (Hippersons Boatyard) spoke to the organiser and would like to offer any wooden boat attending £5 off our normal pumpout prices for this weekend. Its a great event for the town and well organised, we'd like to support it.


Simon & Mary Sparrow, Hippersons Boatyard, Beccles



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thats great, we always pop across for a pumpout, see you soon


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Nice one Simon and Mary,  very good of you :default_beerchug:

Erm, any chance of a similar deal on diesel? :default_norty:   :default_coat:


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Great offer guys! The forum would love to have you as a sponsor. Please see the banner ads which get great exposure. 

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And I can attest that Hippersons is one of the best pump outs you can get. Absolutely stellar. 

Great people to as they helped us when nobody else would. Fine broads folk. 


Many thanks again from Malanka

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