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Leisure battery

Guest iansnewboat

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Yes guys the virgins here again lol

I have seen some brand new leisure batterys on ebay see number 190415037043 its a VRLA battery by lucas and i think dirt cheap

considering its only for a day boat whats the reconing on this, my local battery centre wants £99.50 for the smallest cheapest batterys he has?

i would love to know your thoughts please i i need to get one soon to fabricate the battery box

here from you soon

Ian :grin:

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Hi Ian

It depends on what you want to run off it. Most leisure batteries for boats are around 110Ah. I wouldn't recommend it to start your engine though. If it's only for light duty (ie cabin lights etc) then it should be ok I would have thought.

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We paid £89 for a 110amp Leisure and Marine type battery from 'Don Amott Leisure supplies' last year for our caravan, and its powerful enough to run the motormover, the bit that turns the wheels to park up the van into tight and awkward spaces. Leisure batteries are designed to supply a lower discharge of power over longer period of time, and are not suitable for the short but powerful burst of charge required to turn an engine over to start it, no matter what amparage rate they are marked up at. For this reason you will find that most motorhomes are fitted with both kinds of batteries, one for the 'domestics' side of the van and a normal car type battery for starting :)

If its just a battery for engine starting you require, then you would probably be better and cheaper to buy a car battery from one of the high street outlets such as Halfords or Kwikfit, which would also run a couple of low wattage lights for the cabin if required whilst underway and being charged up by an alternator :)

Julz :wave

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For a day boat I would recommend a dual purpose battery, these are satisfactory for both engine cranking and light duty domestics. I think Norfolk Marine are doing a good deal at the moment, from memory 110ah batteries from £67.00.


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moonfleet have a few 130 amp agm (gel mat) batteries at £125 each, they are more expensive but have an extra 20 amphours and are cracking batteries with a longer life than lead acid batteries that should more than compensate for the extra cost

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Hey guys, so great advice there, I will only be running small interior lights when on nigts out as the engine is an outboard and maybe a car radio, will look at ely chandlers down the road from me, Keith is great there

thanks again

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