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Holiday Trip


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Just a few piccies during our short break to Wroxham and surrounding area.

This was our 1st major trip in Destiny, so there was always the thought in the back of the mind that something was going to break down.

Well, we only had two things...... A poor fuse holder connection to the auxillary socket for the cool box and the new TV/Dvd player having a fault with the integral Dvd player to my sons disgust. (Back to the shop with that)

We departed WRC with Perfect Dream on the Monday and returned to WRC on the Saturday.

I won't bore you with all the details, but if you ask DaveS (Perfect Dream) about the Braydon Water crossing in the dark & then mooring up at 10:45pm ish next to St Olaves Bridge, he might tell you his story (Bearing in mind, he couldn't see where he was bloody going even with his spotlight)

Apart from that, absolutely fine, no problems at all.

The only dissapointing part for me was that i couldn't get her on the plain when we were on Braydon water, she only reached 3400 rpm instead of 4400 rpm.



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Thanks Guys,

I,m sure we will be up that way again sometime and if not, if you are ever having a trip down south, just send us a pm or a text to the old mobile and we will try and we might be able to meet up. Hope you had a pleasant weekend peeps, all the best, Grant. cheers

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Here's a couple of piccys that I took of Destiny during the 'holiday cruise',

Nice shots Dave, cruiser action shot but...fenders dragging in the water losing you half a knot!

To me there is one worrying aspect of the photos though, there was something missing:

An open cockpit cruiser at speed, probably two of then playing in each others bow waves and wakes.

Did you think what could happen if she tipped up a little too far on one of the bounces

with the skipper concentrating on the helm and crew loose in the cockpit.

What do the RNLI say "a life jacket is usually no use at all if you are not wearing it".

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Grant - you should be very proud of yourself with Destiny !!

I saw that craft the weekend you bought it and I also know how much time and effort let alone money you have spent getting her to the glorious shape she is in now.

I have alwasy had a soft spot for Falcons as you know, and yours is superb !

Well done, and glad you enjoyed your trip !


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fenders dragging in the water losing you half a knot!

As I said once before on this forum, in the Royal Navy they are known as "Irish Pennants" and much frowned upon . On the other hand absolutely essential on the Broads!!

As for the absent lifejacket, I couldn't agree more. Young Luke does have one, and he probably slipped unoticed out of the cabin, but thats just how accidents can happen.


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I agree, Luke should have had his jacket on, but constantly removes it whenever he feels like it.

I think a tube of superglue might do the trick.

Thanks for the comments luke (JD) they are very much appreciated. However, i still want to have a look around your pride and joy and at some point when possible come out with you for a blast on the sea if you don't mind.

Regarding the fenders dragging..........Absolutely, 1/2 a knot is everything to me until shes re- propped.

I did have the wife sitting as far forward as she could in the cabin at one point, but it didn't make any difference, then i contemplated chucking her overboard, but realised she had easy access to the utensils in the galley........Lol

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Thanks Grant,

It was Perry who took that on Breydon Water back in May 2008 at the NBN Goodchilds get together. Shame that I hadn't realised the rubber bush on the prop had got damaged as she would not get up on the plane :cry:

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