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H plate

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A few of you know i have been having a problem with reverse on the port engine...

Well today she came out of the water today and what i found wasn't very nice..

The H plate that looks to be a very integral part of the leg is in 2 halfs, The break is straight down the middle.

My engineer said i was lucky i hadn't gone out to sea or i would probably lost the leg.

A new H plate is about £600 apparently so with the antifouling, lift out, new bits for the leg and both legs serviced i have decided to rob a bank lol..

If anyone has a H plate laying about or knows someone who has one i would be eternally grateful.

Boating is great !! cheers

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Hi Andy and Angie,

that really is bad news!!!

I have seen the same problem come into the workshop two weeks ago on a dp290 (I think). Cracked on both sides. The replacement part in this case was £450, but the leg needs to come off the transom shield and the removal of the damaged one (of course) isnt totally straightforward. Whilst the leg is off it is well worth checking the condition of the oil as if there is any water ingress you would be far better to put this right at the same time, having already gone to the expense of leg removal, lift out etc.

Surprisingly, the seals that often cause the water ingress are only about £3.50 but the labour is ridiculous. Seeing as you would already have incurred most of the work, it seems silly not to at least check, and changing the oil would do no harm either. Similarly, check the condition of exhaust bellows/water pipe etc as again, you dont want a futher lift out in six months time for an unrelated issue.

I am not sure what drives you have, but if they are volvo I can get a second opinion/quote for you.

I would love to say that "volvo pentaman" aka L Bling could do it for you, but having only ever done it the once, and under strict supervision from an expert, I wouldnt like to chance it :naughty:

If you want to discuss it further...pm me

adam... :pirate :pirate :pirate

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Thanks all.

Thanks Adam. As its coming off im having both legs serviced, New Antifoul, and changing the anodes, May as well get it all done at the same time....

The legs are Volvo pentas and the dp290 i think is what i have. I was told the H bracket was about £600 so if you know where its cheaper that would be awesome..

Only thing that really is annoying is that i will probably now miss the Airshow. We was looking forward to getting back out on the salt.

Fingers crossed it can all get done in time...

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