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Norfolk Lady Tales


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3 minutes ago, Jbx5 said:

Hard to believe a company with as many boats as Herbert Woods wouldn’t have any spare ropes !

My view as well, especially as they were able to locate a new gearbox to fix one of the Lads Week Jewels off the shelf!

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my guess is that over winter maintenance new ropes are made up with splices etc, it may just be that they had run out of pre-eye-spliced head and stern ropes in the stores, they certainly had plenty of pre-prepared fenders as we needed 6 and jewel 3 needed another 2

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1 hour ago, grendel said:

my guess is that over winter maintenance new ropes are made up with splices etc, it may just be that they had run out of pre-eye-spliced head and stern ropes in the stores, they certainly had plenty of pre-prepared fenders as we needed 6 and jewel 3 needed another 2

I get that it’s the end of the season, but whilst they still have future bookings, they should have available sufficient safety equipment to be able to send their craft with adequate mooring ropes in good, usable condition.

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Saturday 16th October

I’d intended to try to wake up in time to catch the sunrise . . . . . but failed.  By the time I rolled out of bed and pulled some clothes on, I’d missed the best of it, but hurried to get a drone in the air to catch what was left.  But it was cold, very cold.

When Deb came back from walking the dog, we had a leisurely breakfast.  I watched anxiously as the crew of the boat I’d helped moor the previous evening cast off and was ready to rush out to fend them off Norfolk Lady if necessary, but the managed to exit the dyke without hitting anyone.

We set off at about 09:30.  Low water at Yarmouth was at about 14:00, so allowing for a stop at Acle for water, we had plenty of time.  We turned left out of the dyke and before we’d arrived at the junction with The Bure, we passed the boat that we’d nervously watched leave the moorings earlier, anchored into the reeds with both engine covers up.  I looked for someone to shout to, but there was no one visible, so carried on our way, wondering what was wrong.

We chugged slowly down the river in no particular rush as we had plenty of time, but we were soon at Pedro’s basin, where I moored stern on and close to the water point.  Deb had already showered, so I went for mine before topping up with water and giving the dog a stroll along the bank, to do what she needed to, before setting off.  We had a long cruise ahead, so needed to make sure her tanks were empty.

There was an attendant strolling around, who seemed anxious for us to depart, so we cast off earlier than I wanted, at around 11:10, so set the revs to little more than tickover and headed down The Bure.  The journey was uneventful and we made good progress, too good in fact and despite my best efforts to stretch the time out, we arrived in Yarmouth about 20 minutes before low water.

The yacht station was quite busy with several hire craft already moored.  We passed through, carried by the current and safely under the bridges onto Breydon.  I turned at the yellow post and virtually stopped in the falling current, so upped the revs sufficiently to make adequate progress.

There were quite a few boats crossing, mainly hirecraft, but we were passed by Spirit of Breydon, who thankfully waited until they’d passed us before opening the taps and getting on the plane.  We’d decided on Oulton Broad as our overnight mooring, so once across Breydon, we headed straight down The Waveney.  I’d already booked a side on pontoon mooring at Oulton, so wasn’t too concerned about the time, but we were punching the tide and progress was slower than it might have been.

With St Olaves and Somerleyton bridges safely negotiated, I relaxed as we continued towards the turning for Oulton Dyke and we eventually moored at around 17:15.  It had been a long cruise, but the weather had been bright, if a little chilly.  We took Harley for a walk to the park, where I took the opportunity of getting a drone in the air again as the sun set.

Back on board, we settled in with the electric hooked up and the TV on.  We had dinner of lamb chops with broccoli and boiled spuds.  Very tasty.  It wasn’t long after the end of Strictly that I started to feel my eyelids getting heavy, so I had a hot drink and headed for bed, leaving the wife watching Blankety Blank.

It would be our last full day on Sunday and I hoped for some more good weather as our holiday drew to an end.


















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Amazing photos Malcolm. Particularly interesting to see the ones taken at Oulton Broad. The whole Lowestoft area has become so familiar to me through having the caravan down there for five years. 

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1 hour ago, grendel said:

Looks like you got the drone up just in time to catch the lads week crews returning to HW's seen cruising down the thurne in formation in this picture

Just checked the rest of the shots I took whilst the drone was up and you’re in this one, too.


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