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Carried Away By A Moonlight Shadow...

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Monday 26th August I didn’t wake until after 6 this morning, so that was an improvement on yesterday. There was a light mist on the river, with the sun glowing through the haze. We didn

Thursday 1st October We had a relaxing morning, getting up at leisure and having breakfast before setting out for a walk with Seren. As we skirted the Yacht Station, aiming for the path up t

Harry on board and helming on our way to Norwich. Seren is keeping a sharp eye out for rowers.

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2 hours ago, Jayfire said:

It's all being dealt with Sir :default_wink:

It seems to me that this heating just is not up to the job.  Was problematic for most of the time we owned our shares.  We always had a fan heater and extra 'throws' we took on board with us.

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It's just the motor has failed Sue after (so I'm told) 4500 hours of use, it's now with the dealer and will hopefully be back on the boat shortly ready for Helen to use again this week.

Unfortunately sometimes these things do go wrong on every boat, but get sorted just as soon as possible :default_smile:

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Poor heater...that’s some time spent heating people!

Well, we’ve been to Loddon and back today. Its still pretty breezy though. Coming back against the wind was interesting, especially the bit past Cantley which was more like a choppy Breydon crossing than anything. Graham is currently occupied - cleaning all the spray off the windows.


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Tuesday 11th February

We didn’t rush away this morning. We were experiencing problems with the heating. It had suddenly cut out a couple of times leaving a strong diesel smell, and the flashing indicator suggested it was overheating. I emailed BCBM to ask about reporting it, within a minute my email had been forwarded to Brooms, and in another 5 minutes a couple of engineers turned up. That was quick!

They took the heating unit out (I’ve now realised that one of the pre-requisites for being a boat engineer is not to suffer from claustrophobia) and said they would take it to the dealers to get it fixed, and hopefully would be able to reinstall it later in the day.

Graham and I took ourselves and Seren off to Caister-on-Sea (we seem to have settled on Caister as our favourite place to walk Seren). We had a lovely walk, but the wind was bitterly cold.



Anyone know what sort of vessel this is?


I liked the indications that Caister still has a small fishing industry.



We had spotted a bakery with tea rooms as we had passed through Caister, so popped in there after our walk. Disappointed to find that they had closed the tea rooms, as they had scaled up their ‘commercial work’. Well it’s a shame they couldn’t have taken the sign down, or painted over the ‘tea rooms’ bit! We drove down the road to Tesco’s and picked up sandwiches there instead, as it was getting on for 2pm.

Before we set off back to the boat, I checked out where the nearest Aldi was, as Graham recalled seeing fan heaters in their offers for this week. It turned out there was one in Gt Yarmouth, just on our route home, so that was handy, and the heater was only £9.95, so we have some ‘insurance’ this evening in case we don’t get our heater back on the boat.

When we got back an engineer was already on board re-installing the heating unit. When he had done so he did a test run. Initially it was fine, but then started making a really peculiar noise and packed up again, again with a diesel smell. So, it ended up being taken away again to the dealers. Oh well. Hopefully it will be back and up and running in time for Jay’s stint on the boat next week. In the meantime, our little fan heater worked really well.

We had sausage, mash and veg this evening with instant gravy – an easy option. There wasn’t much on telly to interest us, so we spent a quiet night reading. I’m currently reading Lindsey Davies’ ‘The Ides of April’, crime fiction set in ancient Rome.

By the way, when I was writing up Sunday’s blog, I forgot to mention something that made us laugh. As we were leaving the Surlingham Ferry I put on the Satnav to guide us back to Brundall. ‘Shirley’ as usual told us to go to the highlighted route – which was the lane the other side of the river. LOL.

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Wednesday 12th February

A special day today. 42 years since Graham and I started dating (we were still in school 42 years ago). Somehow, this anniversary always seems more significant than our wedding anniversary, maybe because it was over six years before we got married (we went to different Uni’s, so it wasn’t really feasible to get married before that).

Anyhow…back to the Broads. The weather forecast for today appeared to be promising the best of the whole week, so we were keen to take the opportunity to cruise somewhere. (Well I was anyway, Graham was quite happy reading his book – or should I say stack of books. The stack has come in handy this week preventing too many drafts through the vent at the back of the sliding roof, whilst still allowing some ventilation.)


On the other hand, we really needed to get back to our home-mooring for late afternoon, either to get the heater re-installed, or to rely on the shore power provided with the mooring so that we could run the fan heater this evening.

As I mentioned above, we ended up going to Loddon. Mainly because we needed to top up our water. Well, that was the excuse. We both love the journey up the Chet.

The trouble with starting off early is having the sun's glare. We had a clear sky.



The stretch between the two dykes leading to Rockland Broad must be good for fishing. There were four herons all in fairly close proximity.


Seren started to whine before we got to Chet Mouth, and I had an attempt at mooring at Hardley Cross so that we could let her off the boat. However, the wind had picked up again and was blowing us off the mooring, so I aborted that and just carried on until we moored at Loddon Staithe – the only boat there. We spotted an otter along the stretch near Hardley Flood.

Loddon Staithe.



We put some credit on the lekky point, just so we could use our fan heater (a lucky someone will have found over 60p credit after us) and Graham took Seren out for a walk whilst I started to cook a brunch using the Suffolk bacon that we had picked up at the La Hogue Farm Shop. The thickest rashers I’ve seen for a long time.

We set off back down the Chet before 1pm. It was such a lovely sunny day, lighting up the reeds with a golden colour. I really appreciate being able to see the Broads in the different seasons. Today was (naturally) very quiet. We saw no other boats on the river until we were approaching Pye’s Mill, where a sailey under power passed us. He passed us again as we were returning down the Chet.

Hardley Flood was pretty full.


Even the Chet was choppy.


Back on the Yare we only passed two other vessels.

We were travelling against the wind most of the way back and it was mostly very choppy, especially along the Cantley stretch where we were having a lot of spray thrown up onto the windscreen.


Spray on the windscreen..


Just as choppy near the pub...


Flocks of birds near Cantley...


Seren relaxed a bit on our journey back.


Got back around 3pm. The tide was pretty high again.


Had another quiet evening. I called the Broom’s office to tell them we were back on our mooring, but there was no further news about the heating unit. I went to bed really early this evening. Just after 8pm my eyes were dropping, and I’m pretty sure that I was asleep by 8.30. Shame, I missed The Great Pottery Throw Down programme that’s showing on More4 currently.


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Heater seems to be working fine (cross fingers). Much quieter too.
Currently moored at Whitlingham cooking brunch whilst Graham and Seren are out walking.
I notice the electric post that was out of action has been fixed, and had 60p credit on it.

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Oh, and I got a message from the guy who was on MS last week. As I suspected he had forgotten that he needed to book a valet if he didn't want to clean the boat himself. So all good.

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Thanks Jean. Graham though it might be something to do with fishing.

Vanessan, yes Caister is generally safe for dog walks. We daren’t allow Seren off the lead anywhere near cars, but once we are out of sight of the Caister car park she’s fine, either on the beach or the dunes to the south of the car park. However, you do need to check whether the lifeboat is out, as they use large tractor type vehicles to launch both lifeboats. I took some pictures of those in November - see a few pages back on this thread.


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2 hours ago, YnysMon said:

Thanks Jean. Graham though it might be something to do with fishing.

Vanessan, yes Caister is generally safe for dog walks. We daren’t allow Seren off the lead anywhere near cars, but once we are out of sight of the Caister car park she’s fine, either on the beach or the dunes to the south of the car park. However, you do need to check whether the lifeboat is out, as they use large tractor type vehicles to launch both lifeboats. I took some pictures of those in November - see a few pages back on this thread.


Thank you for that info Helen - very useful. Anywhere near cars is a no-no for us too but the dunes would be good. We go to Winterton sometimes, excellent dune walking there too. 

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Thursday 13th February

I really should not have gone to bed so early yesterday. I woke around 3am this morning and could not get back to sleep. It didn’t help that a hoolie blew up around 4am and then heavy rain. It sounded quite as rough as Sunday morning with the start of storm Ciara, except that the boat didn’t bash against the key heading as the wind was from the opposite direction, blowing us off the mooring. She did bob about more though. Seren started whining around 6am. She didn’t like the wind noise either.

The rain dried up after 7am, and it started brightening up. It was still pretty rough though, the wind whipping up the river into waves.


Just after 8.30 I got a message that an engineer was on his way to pick up the heater and should be with us within the hour. He was quicker than that, and by 9.30 we had the heater re-installed. By now the wind had dropped and we had sun and blue sky, despite the forecast for heavy rain. We decided to make the most of it and made our way upriver, as far as Whitlingham (as reported above). Shortly after setting off, at the bend of the river past our mooring, we saw an otter.

Wood End.



We saw no other craft on the river apart from a barge that had passed to and fro of our mooring earlier, a lot of rowers with their training boats on the stretch up to Whitlingham and, shortly before we left the mooring, a ranger’s boat.


As I mentioned earlier, when we got to Whitlingham Graham took Seren out whilst I cooked up brunch. I don’t normally post pictures of our brunches, but Malcolm had set the standard! Yum.


It had started raining whilst we had our brunch, but that dried up by the time we were passing under the Postwick Viaduct on our way back. Shortly after that we spotted another otter.


Just before the bend for Brundall we spotted a couple of tree surgeons (?) cutting back a tree, then a bit further on the barge that we had spotted earlier was loading up cut branches. Quite a lot of tree clearing going on then. 😊


We got back around three and had a mostly quiet evening, though Graham made the mistake of going to Sainsbury’s at Thorpe St Andrew just after 5pm (rush hour).


We had another relaxing evening, and so did Seren.


Due to the 3am wake up, I was really for sleep by 9pm again this evening. Hope I don’t wake so early tomorrow!

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Friday 14th February

Our final day, as Graham wanted to go to agility classes with Seren Saturday morning.

Awoke at 5am this morning, a big improvement on yesterday. Once Graham got up, we had a short trip downriver to the BA moorings on Short Dyke via Rockland Broad so that Seren could have a good run around.

Fleet Dyke


Rockland Broad


Short Dyke


Unfortunately, this week the Brooms fuel quay was out of action as they were replacing the shed on the quay, so we had to find another place to re-fuel and get a pump-out. Silverline and Swancraft had been suggested. Before we left Short Dyke, I tried phoning Swancraft, but as there was no answer, I tried Silverline. The lady that answered said she would have to ask someone and took my phone number. We waited around for a while, but then started off back toward Brundall without having had a call-back. I was getting a bit worried that the wind was picking up again, and I was worried enough about going up an unfamiliar narrow dyke lined with other boats without having to contend with the wind as well.

As we still hadn’t heard back from Silverline, I tried Swancraft again, this time successfully. Jay had thoughtfully provided me with a map; however, I almost went past the Silverline basin. I managed to manoeuvre in okay though. They were expecting us and helped with our lines. Very friendly couple. They even got the water hose out so that we could refill our water (otherwise we would have had another tricky operation getting down a dyke to the only 'winter' water point available Brooms). 

I was expecting to pay more per litre for fuel, as we normally get a discount from Brooms, but we were surprised at how much fuel we had apparently used. We paid as much as we did at the end of our August week, despite not travelling far and not being able to use the heating for two days whilst it was fixed.

I was too cautious reversing out of Swancraft and made things difficult for myself. I should have reversed out further. Still, we didn’t hit any other boats and once we were out in the dyke again it was plain sailing, or it would have been if getting back on our mooring hadn’t been slightly tricky. I aborted the first try as the wind and tide were both pushing my stern out (should have reminded Graham to tie up the stern first).

By this time, it was almost mid-day. Shortly after we arrived back, I had a call from Silverline explaining that they couldn’t do a re-fuel for us as they had no room on their quay. So, it’s lucky that I managed to get hold of Swancraft!

Rather than have lunch we decided to just get on with cleaning the boat.

As we were cleaning, we noticed the barge with the tree cutting equipment coming around the corner. It started clearing away dead/cut wood from the bank opposite.


We left the boat about 3pm and made our way to Wroxham to hand the key back to the BCBM agent. 

In the blog from earlier in the week I mentioned that the door key cut by Timpson’s in Sainsbury’s didn’t work. We got a refund and got the (excellently stocked and friendly) hardware store in Brundall to cut one for us instead.

A very late lunch/early dinner was had at the Station Smokehouse in Wroxham. We had a platter for one of brisket, pork belly, chips, corn cob, coleslaw and beans between us. The meat was beautifully tender and we enjoyed out meal. The portion was plenty for the two of us.

And then we got on our way home. Here's a final glimpse of Wroxham as we crossed the bridge.


It’s been a mixed bag of a week, what with storm Ciara and the heater playing up, but we have enjoyed it. Very relaxing (apart from the trip up to Swancraft!). Just what we needed.

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32 minutes ago, YnysMon said:

Here's a final glimpse of Wroxham as we crossed the bridge

Am I the only one who, even after being on the boat for a week, still insists on squinting over Wroxham Bridge as I drive home, as if I'd never seen the place before? 

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