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Canon EOS 60D


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I am looking for a new digital camara at the moment and have seen what i think is a good camara which is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100.

I want anything to bulky though but i do want a good zoom in capability and video recording with zoom in or out whilst I record.

cheersbar Barry

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Its interesting to note that they have gone plastic body on the 60D, something more akin to the cheaper 350D and it's successors.

I went from a plastic bodied 300D to the metal bodied 30D (now superceded by the 40D & 50D), as it looked, felt, and handled like my old metal bodied 35mm Canon SLRs.

The 300D was a good early release DSLR, but its not in the same league as the 30/40/50D.


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Thanks for the heads up Perry. Looks like a fairly noticeable demotion for the xxD range from Canon. There is really not a lot there which is going to interest owners of xxD cameras up to and especially including the 50D.

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I find my plastic bodied 500D EOS camera is much more convenient to use than the metal bodied XXD and XD versions.

Initially, the appreciation of build quality of carrying something built like a Kalashnikov wears off, and you're left with an SLR weighing twice as much as it should pulling on the straps around your neck. :)

I bought a 500D first, then (as the lens collection and attachments grew), a 20D, and then a 5D, (both secondhand, I hasten to add !)

The 5D undoubtedly produces the best technical quality photos at all ASA ratings, being full frame. It also makes best use of my wide angle and fisheye lenses, having no crop factor. I use it for all photography at home, with bellows, tubes, microscope, telescope, copying etc., where it's weight is no drawback.

On "location" though, the plastic bodied 500D really comes into it's own. It's so much lighter, and has the much bigger LCD display on the back, and has a built in flash. The pixel count is actually slightly higher than the 5D, albeit on an APS-C frame, so high ASA needs to be used with caution to avoid noise.

My 500D therefore gets much more use than the 20D and 5D, though they do have their uses, so I will be keeping them. :) (despite SWMBO's protests)

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I'm not a Canon shooter but I went to all the trouble and expense of switching from Sony to Nikon just to get a body along the lines of the 50D type camera. It was the more solid construction, much better direct access to functions (via dedicated buttons), dual control dials etc that I was after.

I loved my Sony A200, it was a really good piece of kit, and I use a Canon 400D at work so I am quite used to the plastic base models but when out shooting I found it just too annoying to be constantly changing settings via a menu system. Whilst I don't doubt the 60D will take top quality shots in the right hands I just can't see many owners of cameras like the 30/40/50D seeing the 60D as an upgrade path. It's more like the xxD line has now been downgraded to just a slightly pepped up version of the xxxD line. A quick glance at the DPR forums shows much nashing of teeth on the subject.

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