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I believe Tudor under goes a heart transplant today   Please keep your fingers crossed for a positive outcome. 

Grendel is spot on, millimetre perfect and needs to get out more... 

As I type, the engine is ready and about to be transplanted. 

Posted Images

1 hour ago, grendel said:

did you connect the horn up to the low oil pressure light (and have you found what the issue was with the old engine?)

I did consider it but the horn doesn't work...

That does remind me of a time at a classic car show when I swapped the indicator and horn wires on a friend's pride and joy so every time he indicated on the journey home.... parp parp parp


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So, here's the early morning update. RT pumping at 9 minute intervals for 43 seconds. Dylan no1 beagle had a short seizure at 4.30 am, he's ok and after a walk and consuming half a pound of bacon has gone back to bed. 

Idiot lights, after some thought, the red one is the no smoking light. The yellow one comes on just before Scarlet Johansson brings me a cuppa, bacon sandwich and volunteers to do the varnishing. 

RT does not have a horn. Although if the yellow light ever comes on...

The heating system is flashing lights. This may be why the beagles are now inside sleeping bags and I'm a bit cold! 

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Well the much awaited news on Royal Tudors old engine is here.

I apologise for the poor quality pictures but they were taken whilst trying to not touch the camera with my oily hands 

Anyway, RT's engine hadn't sounded that happy back when she went in the water in 2018 and had, it seems, developed quite a thirst for oil since so it's final demise was unfortunate but maybe not such a surprise. 

The engine was certainly solid though. No movement could be found at all even removing flywheel bolts and front crank bolt were achieved without the need to hold anything so this was a major seize.

We had needed to swap the sumps because my engine wouldn't fit RT in its current state meaning we had already established all the internal components were in their right places so let's have a closer look.

The head looks OK.  All valves closed and at the right heights so no issues here


The timing chain had been considered as a possibility but with no scars on the cover it seemed unlikely to be the culprit.  


Nope, nothing wrong here....

With the head removed it was time to release the pistons. 

Number two big end bearing


Marked but not a seized component by any stretch of the imagination 

Number three


Again not perfect but not our problem

Number one



Number one big end bearing had melted and welded itself to the crankshaft.


And there we have it.

Basically Timbo's big end has failed.

More later...

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4 hours ago, grendel said:

does that mean a new crankshaft is needed or can that one be reground to repair it?

The crank is at standard so there is room for machining but whether there is enough material is up to my engine man and his micrometer.

The pistons and bores are totally unmarked as are the little ends so it's looking like a rebuild of the existing engine rather than buying in a replacement. 

Just need to order some parts and, of course, a new prop cover and we can have RT back in her pre seized state.:default_biggrin:

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38 minutes ago, Vaughan said:

Still need to know why it seized, all the same. . . .

We know the sump was empty and the oil pressure gauge was reading zero but presumed faulty. The oil pump has some scores in its sidewall and all the big end bearings have marking from running dry. That's all we actually know...

My guess is that with number one big end being the furthest along the gallery from the pump that would seem the likeliest to be starved first.

However, as this is only my fourth BMC to have apart (I can build old Ford's in my sleep lol)  I welcome everyone's input and help.

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Hi You need to check the oil pressure release valve piston its under the domed nut on side of block on the end of a spring there is a tool for reseatting it, its near the oil filter this is aluminium and can get seized/stuck with grit/dirt if oil and filter not regularly changed i would also suggest a tee piece so you can fit a oil pressure warning light with a alarm wired in parallel, the strainer on bottom of the pump suction tube can also get blocked if oil not changed regularly, it can get carboned up and restrict oil flow, when did you last check oil level? all this will be obvious when the sump comes off. the rocker cover breather can become blocked which will then force oil past rear oil seal especially if slinger is carbon up also. John

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