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I believe Tudor under goes a heart transplant today   Please keep your fingers crossed for a positive outcome. 

Grendel is spot on, millimetre perfect and needs to get out more... 

As I type, the engine is ready and about to be transplanted. 

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4 hours ago, WherryNice said:

I think my main concern would be why/how did the sump come to be empty? mechanical issue? or just a normalish amount of consumption without being topped up over time?



A bit of incontinence combined with a bit of consumption to be honest. 

3 hours ago, MauriceMynah said:

I regularly top up the oil in my engine every couple of years or so.

Its this sort of un necessary extravagance that makes chandlers think us boat owners have deep pockets

2 hours ago, annv said:

Hi You need to check the oil pressure release valve piston its under the domed nut on side of block on the end of a spring there is a tool for reseatting it, its near the oil filter this is aluminium and can get seized/stuck with grit/dirt if oil and filter not regularly changed i would also suggest a tee piece so you can fit a oil pressure warning light with a alarm wired in parallel, the strainer on bottom of the pump suction tube can also get blocked if oil not changed regularly, it can get carboned up and restrict oil flow, when did you last check oil level? all this will be obvious when the sump comes off. the rocker cover breather can become blocked which will then force oil past rear oil seal especially if slinger is carbon up also. John

Some good points there.

Royal Tudor does now sports a nice low oil pressure idiot light next to her working oil pressure gauge  (seeings as she is running my spare engine) though Timbo felt he needed a bigger light as this one wasn't illuminating him properly :default_biggrin:


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