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Lock Etiquette - What Now Skip

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So here is a situation.

You ask for and are given permission by VHF courtesy of the Lock Keeper to enter a lock.

As you near the lock it is clear the floating pontoon is full so you may have to moor on the wall opposite. As you start to enter the lock the Lock Keeper gives instructions for you to go to the front of the lock and raft up. As you go down the lock a skipper of a vessel towards the front of the lock is motioning you to come alongside.

The wind is very strong from astern.

What now skip?

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Mmm, as this requires the correct action from two boats perhaps it should be “what now skip(s)†:naughty:

Yes that is true.

I hasten to add this is not a trick question but I doubt many would guess the what happened next.

As the skipper was gesticulating at the bow of his boat (Sealine S27) to come alongside we duly did and had fenders in place and glided gently next to them. Skippers significant other was at the stern and SWMBO passed our stern line for her to put around their stern cleat and pass back to us (which is always the etiquette I was taught, rather than tying onto their ship) which I was then waiting for while SWMBO goes off up to the bow. Skippers other half refuses to put the line around the cleat by which time the stern of our ship is starting to drift away and forward with the strong wind toward the next boat in the raft' necessitating me to dash back to the helm and put some astern on getting us back to our original position. I lean across and do a Twizzle impression and lasso the cleat. As the line is still a little slack due to me leaning out the wind is pushing the boat forward again - another dash to the helm some astern dash back and tighten the rope.

I should add that all through this exercise she is furiously shouting "this is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous" and to the skipper "have they crashed into our boat' is it damaged"....She was definitely a women though as she could multi task - well eat a Cheese sandwich and shout at the same time :o

I should add the skipper was a perfect gentlemen and could not have been more help. He just raised his eyebrows and said "don't worry everything is fine" to SWMBO.

But she was not done yet oh no; as the lock gates opened she disappeared to get a boat hook and said to her teenage son (I assume) "push them off with that' there" she said pointing to our Blue hull. They both got one of my blackest looks and I told them that I wouldn't if I were them.

Lock opens we retrieve our lines this time use a bit of opposite rudder and thruster and come off them sideways, SWMBO thanks the skipper who says "you are welcome". Boy do I pity him; she must be just about the most miserable person I have come across in a long time.

Our consolation heading back to Shotley was that the skipper said they were heading back to Brightinglsea; given the sea conditions I reckon that Cheese Sandwich might have fed the Seagulls on the way down The Wallet :grin:

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Peksky1702: I think you were the victom of "blue hull rage"!

Sadly coloured gel coat is a conspicuous sign of wealth often reviled by "white hullers" who seem compelled to poke it with sharp sticks. :lol:

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