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BSS Again

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Does anyone know what they actualy check on electrics for the BSS, because apart from the loose fuel tank and badly fitted earth clamps that I found, Today I found something even more scarey, I've only owned the boat a couple of months and a couple of weeks before we bought her, the previous owner had the BSS done including all the work needed to get her passed, in total it was nearly £1000, now I thought that part of the BSS was checking all the electrical system, for me thats at least as important as the gas or fuel, because wiring has a nasty habit of being the cause of most fires on boats, well today I went to do a bit of work on the boat, I need a new socket at the front of the boat, and I have an unused one at the back of the cabin, I thought I'd disconnect this old one, and re-run the wires to the front of the boat for the new one, gets behind the bunk only to find a twin white wire with no markings for pos or neg, not even a stamp on the wire, traced it back to the fuseboard, but on the way I found three more of these twin wires just cut off, out comes my tester and they were all live, now these were all in full view so any tester should have seen these, so I disconnect the four wires, so far so good, what the hell are these, four wires that can only be described as telephone wires, about 1mm thick solid core, traced these to the two cockpit lights, rewire these in with the correct wire, by the time I finished four hours later I had a carrier bag full and I mean full of defunked wire, some downright dangerous, some just the wrong wire, and some with so many connectors it was laughable, one twelve inch bit had no less that four connectors in it, now as I said the wires in the cabin were in full view but could have been missed, but the wiring in the fusebox was definatly in full view, and would have been seen when all the new earth wiring was done for the BSS, so what is the point of the BSS, for gas or petrol to explode you need a spark and theres only three sources for this (unless you drop a fag in the Bilge) and thats the engine, static or an electrical spark, so electrics should be very high on the priority list, with hindsight I should have reported the tester to the Environment Agency, or had it re tested by someone else to see what they say, and then reported the tester, but going on the things I've found wrong so far I've lost faith in them and prefere to do it myself, at least I'll know it's done correctly if nothing else,, :-D

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