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I know i'l probably get pilloried for this, but I'm getting totally p.....d off with Our money, raised from tax payers or charity benefactors, being used to pay for the rest of the world. We are livin

I think I would take a more circumspect view of this until more details and clearer responses from both the government and the RNLI themselves. This report originates from the mail! If the mail told m

The RNLI, in saving lives in international waters, are displaying some of the values and standards that we want the international community to see us British as having. The same values and standards t

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8 minutes ago, batrabill said:

Maybe your toffee and mustard millionaires didn’t need the money? 

Please don't lecture others on this forum as "naive people who cannot understand how the world works" if you are then going to make a remark like that.

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So they're down by £3,300,000 in other than "National" interests?

Is a reasonable wage £29,588 nowadays? That's the "average" national wage here in the UK and you could re-employ 111.5 staff with that. Here's what the RNLI typically pay now: https://jobs.rnli.org/wd/plsql/wd_portal.list?p_web_site_id=2464&p_function=map&p_title=All+current+jobs

Still, it's worth bearing in mind that the highest paid jobs in the country belong to chief executives and senior officials, who earn a median of £97,000. So the £189,000-a-year chief executive Mark Dowie isn't doing too bad, is he?.

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13 hours ago, batrabill said:

I think sometimes this forum comes across as being populated by naive people who cannot accept how the world works

Being as how the world works doesn't make it right nor proper.

Increasing revenue and expenditure within a publically funded  body, in this case the BA, and then being rewarded for doing so has lead to some questionable excesses, not least the 150 or so people employed within the organisation. The incentives for excesses are indeed excessive. The measure really should be that of quantifiable success and whilst there are some notable ones we must balance those against some notable blunders, such as Dragonfly House, The Thorpe Workshop & the thankfully failed Broads National Park Bill. 

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I suppose that the Big Three in the UK are quite likely the RSPCA. the RNLI and the RSPB, all seemingly awash with money. Two of the three I don't support, at least not financially, but I do support my local RNLI branch. As Finny has rightly suggested there are smaller charities that tend to be overlooked. In both Norfolk & Suffolk we have excellent wildlife trusts, both of whom do an amazing job, both of whom are locally accountable, as is our local RNLI, that I consider to be wholly desirable.

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