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New boats for 2011 at Ferry


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Hi Everyone

I see that Ferry have added their new boats for next season to their website now and it appears they are three further styles to their existing newly designed boats theyve added over the last two seasons.

Radiant Emblem - Appears to be the mating of their sedan (front end) and their much discussed current dual steer (back end). Will be interesting to see how well this fuses together as I think their sedan is a nice looking boat:

http://www.ferryboats.co.uk/holiday_cru ... %2D6+berth

Solitaire Emblem - Looks to be a chunky centre sliding cockpit type http://www.ferryboats.co.uk/holiday_cru ... erth&i=595

Jade Emblem - A single level, forward steer that appears to look a bit like a Herbert Woods boat :naughty: with a layout similar to an Alpha 32 with two bathrooms etc

http://www.ferryboats.co.uk/holiday_cru ... erth&i=596

As ever it's good and interesting to see new boats and further designs coming to the industry.... roll on next season cheersbar


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Sound business sense to keep adapting but at the same time get as much out of the hull mould as you can!!!

Say what you like about LF, he is nobody's fool.


I am quite pleased to see several different styles coming out of there, because for the relatively small numbers of boats they've built so far the amount of different styles is becoming quite an impressive ratio.

I'm sure it would have been much cheaper to have not kept investing both the time and money in changing the exterior design styles and they could have quite feasably designed a couple of styles and changed lengths, changed layouts/berths and for the forseeable future they'd have still booked well and probably made as much money out of them. There is in the long term naturally more benefits to having a good spread of differing styles but we will have to see if they intend to run them into their old age as this has often not been the case at some of his previous companies.

Well done to 'em on keeping the design interpretations coming....



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greetings one and all

I believe that any week now there should be new websites, both for Ferry Marina and WRC, which I hope you will find to be a significant improvement on the old 'frustrating' ones :-)

Radiant Emblem is indeed the front of the Sedan but with an entirely new rear section - not the same as the current sundeck models.

Solitaire Emblem also shares the front of the Sedan but has a sliding roof and aft cabin.

Jade Emblem is based on an Alpha 36 hull, there are two of these in build.

All of the above are in build at either Ferry Marina or Waveney River Centre (where the team also carried out the plug development work on all models).

bring on the bookings...

Eddie x

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  • 7 months later...

Hi, Just reading the previous posts and was wondering if anyone has new photos of Ferry Marina's new boat 'Radiant Emblem' .

(We've booked a week in July but the photos on the website are just drawings)

We're really looking forward to visiting the broads again as our last visit was 11 years ago.

Thanks for any help you can give


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I'm sure I have seen 8ft 6in mentioned somewhere, I would imagine that would be with the canopy up, but don't quote me on that!!! I'm sure the first bridge that we come across will be the test. :River Police

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Let`s see, 8ft 6ins air draught, Gt yarmouth bridge 7ft at AHW standings. I`ve got a brilliant idea, why not go through at high water at FULL throttle with the govenor removed, and quickly convert it into a PROPER Broads cruiser :naughty::naughty::lol::lol: .

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HI OR Very Hi, Hockham Admiral...........

Daytona-Bill, been there, done that many years ago,7 lads on a jaunt for a week, lad on the wheel said duck, 5 of us did the other one said where!!!!! Nasty headache for a few hours,he was one of 3 out of the 7 who didn't work in the marine industry........he ducked the next time..

Pete. :lol:

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