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Heating (or not)

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Timely reminder for those with Diesel hot air or water boilers, if you haven’t used them for a while then you might want to give them a good thrash at the weekend. Now’s the time to find and rectify any issues or at least satisfy yourself that all’s well rather than when it gets really cold at night.

Usual simple pre winter checks are: check all electrical connections are “tight & brightâ€, check for exhaust leaks, crushed and blocked intake and exhaust tubes, security of hot air trunking, change the filter and check all fuel connections are sound.

Additionally for water based systems, check anti-freeze strength and all hoses for leakage, chafing etc.

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when i bought this boat, the first thing i did was fit central heating, as you no doubt know us

girls love to be kept warm.

i have a multi fuel stove so in went the back boiler and running off it i have three radiators.

the system self circulates.

my header tank is the header tank from an escort

i removed all the taps from the radiators and fitted swept bends with a gate valve in line

as the trick is to keep the flow unrestricted

i made sure there was at least 5 degrees of lift all along the line, for the hot water to rise

big bore pipes are needed 28mm ID feed and 22mm ID take offs to the radiators

and the pipes to the header tank are 22mm

the system is not sealed as i leave the cap off the header tank

this system is also linked in to the engine so when im running, the engine

runs the central heating but ive never sussed if the engine can be pre heated

by the stove.

this system has worked well for me for 10 years now.

the feed pipe runs under the side deck and the return runs back under the floor, so its hardly noticable.

1st radiator is in the bath room, second in the saloon under the table and the last is in the forward cabin at bunk hight at the

foot of the bunk, perfect for warming toes.

the header tank is at the top of a wardrobe on its own little shelf.



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Its on this months jobs list, after fitting a water circulated central heating system on the last boat I'm not going there again!!! just seemed so inefficient

Air heating this time.

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