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new boats 2011/12


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i think next season will be great for us hire boat users. theirs more new boats being biult over the 12/24 months then i can remember for a long time i personally think this is great news. the new designs from rickos, ferry marina and alphas new design plus some old favs. the one thing that puzzles me is why yards like royalls and summer craft dont up date their fleets. both yards are first class operations and im sure if they offered newer boats they would be snaped up. with their current fleets letting really well surley they have the income to re invest in new boats,or is it a case their happy with the fleet theyve got which are very nice boats( im not knocking the yards) anyone feel the same?

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Hi Andy, i`ve never hired from Royals, but i`ve hired from summercraft on a few occaisions, and to be honest, i prefer the way they completely re-furb older more traditional boats to modern day standards. I can`t understand why more yards don`t do this. Ricko`s have in recent years been running a programme of completey "gutting" old hire craft, and building a completely new interior. The result is a traditional design, but a brand new interior. They have vertually taken some of their boats back to bare shells again and built a new boat. Summecraft have almost done the same with Grosvenor girl, though without changing the basic layout. Why can`t the BA offer financial incentives to yards that do this, as it must be more "environmentally friendly" to rebuild an older hull and superstructure than to mould a new one. Regards ................ Neil.

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Andy I have the same thoughts as you eventually Royalls's who offer a great service and well turned out boats will one day get left behind. I do love the old boats and these will always be in demand like the new ones as the broads caters for people looking to spend £300 or £2000 on a week. For the last few years i have enjoyed the luxury of brand new 44 ft boats and i must admit the choice in 2011/2012/2013 for new boat will be very exciting and as soon as the RC45 is available i will be booking 2 weeks on it. But saying this i still enjoy myself on the old bath tubs but if you have the money at any given time then treat yourself you only live once.

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Hi folks

Yeah I too love to see the new boats and especially new designs. Whilst there has been disappointments in some previous names diminishing or closing good to see new names of late like Ferry & Richardsons bringing us the continuation of new designs and variety still.

Along with the brand new boats I've enjoyed seeing the returning of some boats built in Norfolk for other waters such as the 29ft Sedans that Le Boat, Brinks & Richardsons have, and various other Norfolk built boats from France that Richardsons & Barnes Brinkcraft have added. Still I love anything like that so I m hoping there will be some more for 2011 than the ones already known of.

I too have no doubt Summercraft and Royalls would let new boats as well or better than anyone else. Perhaps their structure & availability of staff are too tied up on their present fleet for the winter for them to be able to commit to a new build, or maybe the cost of a build, the additional staff and the years needed to get your money back and make a profit are too much to make it viably appealing in their mind? Royalls have built from new before now though, but not in recent times I guess, though they have still retired older craft and replaced with good quality newer craft as they have become available from other yards, so they still have the opportunity to keep updating sometimes in this way.

Summercraft have also done this, perhaps to a larger extent than Royalls. Whilst Summercraft boats have always looked nicely presented when I first visited fifteen years ago few in the fleet struck me as the most luxurious on the water with several designs being towards the budget end. Today they are all good quality and look immaculate and first class.... so they have moved forward to an enviable position in my mind despite no brand new additions, so I guess updates and attractive additions to the fleet could still come in the future also so they will not necessarily fall behind through no brand new ones.

It cant be long until the new brochures launch... so with Herbert Woods & Faircraft Loynes also having new boats I look forward to seeing those, and hopefully there may be the odd extra new one in there as well?

All the best


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