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Trim Limit Switch

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Winter's coming and its time for Destiny to come out of the water and time for Grant to get stuck in to some more work..........

One job on the list is to change the 1980's dashboard layout & bring it up to date a bit.

Guages, mmmmm ! Yes, in addition to my new NASA depth & speed unit thats going in,i have new a Trim guage for the leg which matches the other 2007 guages. Cool....

Now, fingers crossed, the POT should be already fitted to the sterndrive, as i seem to remember seeing two pairs of wires laying in the bilge under the engine.

one should be connected to the POT for the guage & the other should be for the limit switch.

Mmmmmmm, LIMIT SWITCH..........

Now, if these are already there, then that will be the guage sorted, but the question is, do i connect the limit switch ?

The limit switch should be adjusted so that when the rams are extended, there is only 22" +/- 1/4" centre to centre of the fixing bolts.

When the rams have reached this point, the switch o/c's the supply to the up solenoid & stops them going any further.

This is a safety feature, to stop the prop coming completely out of the water when you are buzzin along.

The trailer button, allows the leg to be raised completely out.

Problem is, i dont have a trailer button on my remote........

So, do i connect it & then fit my own trailer button, so that i can raise the leg fully, or do i just leave it.

I must admit, my last boat only had an up/down button, so i guess that it never used a limit switch ??? Long time ago now.

What say you regarding this......... :pirate

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If you are used to not having a limit switch and it hasn't caused you any issues so far then you may be OK, thing is though, it's there for a reason and if you trim out too far even though it may not cause handling problems or cavitation and so goes unnoticed it will accelerate U joint wear.

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i think it should look like this this is an alpha 1 drive,the handbook for merc/outdrives says you will damage the drive if you run the drive at anything over tickover ,past the limit switch,i,d fit a "park button" on the dash and make it non latching ie a button.

here,s how to remove one i think it covers the switches

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Thanks for the input David & Trevor for the you tube video link. Its nice to actually see the drive removed, as the manual just tells you how.

After watching the video, i spotted a possible mistake by Wayne. He says in the video, that the sterndrive has two limit switches, although the workshop manual clearly shows the limit switch on the port side & the trim sender on the starboard side. Plus, you wouldn't want two switches doing exactly the same thing i wouldn't have thought. I wonder if he ever realised after posting the video.

Mind you, im gonna need to borrow a couple of special tools for the job, they do tend to make the job easier.......

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The hinge pin tool was just a torx if I recall, so you may already have something in your socket set, it was a while ago though so it might have been a variation on torx, I gave them all to a guy from Acle when I no longer needed them.

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