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7480 hoses. BSS

Guest lordofsealand

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Not too sure if this is in the right thread.

I have just put back my petrol tank and re-plumbed the fuel lines.

I had to change the flexible pipes to the BSS requirement of 7480 spec. tye.

If any of you know Walker Rubber Norwich, they are a main distributor of hoses, gasket material etc.

Any way I popped along to get a metre of 6mm and 8mm sizes.

I said to the guy " guess you will be busy again as the smaller boats will be needing this piping for the BSSC."

His strange comment was like:-

"Not going to be selling this once the stock has gone. You are only the second person this year to buy that type. Even the manufactures are no longer going to make it."

So what will happen if you cant buy the 7840 grade??

Now I know this is only one supplier, a big one at that too, but if they are correct then I would suggrest you get what you need very soon.

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Maybe completely wrong on this but I believe the standard has been updated to allow other standards to fit in with RCD directive markings on new boats.

"All hose used in the fuel system must be fire resistant to at least 21/2 minutes, as

specified in the internationally agreed marine fuel hose Standard (BS EN ISO

7840), although there are hoses available with superior fire resisting qualities

(e.g. BS ISO 15540). Both of these hoses will also meet the current

requirement for reinforcement and wall thickness".

from the BSS documentation.


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I am only guessing but when White Lady was surveyed last year the surveyor was saying that one of the big problems with BSS was imported boats especially from the states.These tended to have higher quality fuel lines than british boats but because the numbers didn't match those of BSS they were having to be changed.

Maybe the BSS has been upgraded to take account of this.


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