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Thank you.

I have had a really nice phone call with the buyer this evening whom prior to winning made contact with the boat yard for engine info etc. So seems like a genuine buyer.

Thanks for all your support it has been a really interesting sale this, although until paid its not sold.

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Somebody will have the basis of a very nice boat there. A really well layed-up craft like this is a good investment if you are prepared to lay out some money on her.

There are yards like Neil Thompson in Wells who could take that boat and literally give you back a boat that for all purposes is like new.

The nearest boats that readily come to mind  are also 19 footers. The Norfolk Gypsy and the Cornish Shrimper. To put either one  on the water, now, new, will knock a £50K hole in your bank account for an inboard version. 

That little ship has a lot of potential for her new owner and if sound worth lavishing some money on.

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I can remember my father berating the fact that boats had gone up to a thousand pounds a foot! Mind you, a few years ago . . . . . . . 

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Hi all

Final update to close my thread. Today I met with the winning bidders as planned and completed the sales as agreed.

Winner was a really nice man buying with his wife to fulfill a dream of exploring the broads so I couldn't be more happier it has gone to a good home.

I believe he knows a bit about engines as he got her close to fire up and thinks it's a fuel block. If it is he may well have found himself a real bargin so good luck to them.

I am now looking for me next purchase and mooring would really like a more rural/wild mooring and a motor boat with outboard. I will keep checking this forum for such if in the mean time anyone finds suitable please ping me.

Thanks all


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