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North to South Trip


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I have decided to take a break on my journey Nth To Sth this Thursday,I think it will be too much to ask to do Ranworth to Thorpe in one day,bearing in mind there are only about 9 hours daylight.

I am planning to cross Breydon about 11:00 Thursday and carry on and moor overnight at Reedham,I can then return Friday morning and continue the trip to Thorpe.

Q1 Is it safe to moor overnight at Reedham and where is best place.

Q2 Is there Parking all day as I will have to leave a car at Reedham so we can get home

Any other ideas from anyone or suggestions to help with mooring and parking etc

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Perhaps Reedham Ferry would be a good place, you could moor right outside the pub in plain sight though I imagine most places around Reedham are pretty safe. On the other hand as there are two of you it is not that long at all if you "spell" each other. If a lazy old bugger like me can still manage an eight hour Noth Sea crossing a fit whipper snapper like you can do a nine hour river trip easy, especially with a breakfast stop. :naughty:

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Eleven sounds a good time to cross Breydon as the ebb should have stopped by then and you will fly down the Bure. You could wait for the flood to build up across Breydon but if you are going to Reedham it shouldn’t be a problem. The main thing with the Yare is to try to avoid going against the tide as this makes progress very slow.

Mooring in Reedham is fine but without telling my granny how to suck eggs, be sure to moor against the tide. I always use springs at Reedham and allow plenty of slack. But its perfectly safe. You should have the quay to yourself at this time of year so you should have plenty of choice. However if you moor near the Lord Nelson and the quay ranger’s hut you have an option of electricity and a water hose had been left connected in December. The rangers are only there in the season. The quay in front of the Ship is a bit rough and probably best avoided if you have a choice.

There is parking on the road just behind the quay but I’m not sure if the is pay and display or not. Parking shouldn’t be a problem this time of year though.

Good luck!


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As Howard has mentioned there is free parking at Reedham but you need to bear in mind that the quayheading is concrete there and it is not at all unusual for the water to go over the edge at high tide. Reedham Ferry mentioned by David is probably kinder being wooden quayheading and the ferry pilot would be around until sometime around 11pm. Personally I wouldn't leave my boat unattended with an incoming high tide on the Yare anywhere below Rockland. I remember a member on another forum recounting spending a few hours during the middle of the night, in the rain, on the edge of his boat, keeping it propped out from the quayheading at Cantley, with the wind doing it's best to place his boat onto the mooring posts. Looking at the Shorebase website the high tide for Thursday is 4:17pm and therefore I would guess around 5am overnight, with a rather high, 1.32m low tide predicted for Thursday, the high could be quite high.

My personal choice would be to complete the trip in one go, or moor at Langley staithe, there should be some parking a short walk away, or moor at Rockland staithe.

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We will be almost on neap tides on Thurs/Fri so mooring at Reedham should not be a problem and with plenty of free parking. I think if you want to use the electric post you will need a card.

Jonathan :Stinky

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Thanks everyone,we are now going to attempt the journey in one hit,keep an eye out for us,if we do run late we will stop over,but we are up for it.

Thanks Antares for making my mind up for me with your comments.

I will post details of journey later and pictures etc taken on route.

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