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Pubs To Reopen Sooner

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I'll book a regular spot! Slow wifi would be good so no-one can stream annoying films or that stupid football thing but could still check windguru for sea trips or general weather forecasts.

And add dark spiced rum to that top shelf.

I might even chip in 20p towards the lotto ticket.

One of the other glitches about the berney is that you can't drink the water from the tap, the kitchen has a big reverse osmosis unit for cooking water as the stuff that comes from the borehole is way over (something like x10) the WHO levels for manganese (I think).

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It is my suspicion (just a suspicion mind) that someone has worked out that the economic condition of this country, is every bit as important as the health of the people in it. There is something

Pretty much agree with you again MM, I suspect though that the "demonstrators sun bathers band park users" etc dont realise they are exercising an acceptable level of death toll, they simply feel enti

Isn't it convenient how the virus adjusts its potency to suit economic considerations?

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43 minutes ago, Paul said:

Stowford Press for the ladies. 

That’s discrimination, I think a lot of ladies these days appreciate a good beer. 


44 minutes ago, Paul said:

all those funny coloured gins that Tesco seem to have nowadays. 

There’s a lot of fabulous gins around these days, ask Mrs Nog. 😁 Must admit I did get a Bramble Gin from Tesco’s recently, rather like an alcoholic Ribena! Other than those two things I am tempted to buy you a lottery ticket or two as there are some fantastic ideas there. If only................😏

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Yes, I reckon Johnson will be under pressure from his wealthy donors. 

Not sure if they are donors but for example the Reuben Brothers own Wellington Pub Co  (Dog and Lord Nelson among others) 

I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Martin doesn't cough up too. 

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"Single use menus, banning condiments, insisting on mask wearing - you are making people afraid of using a pepper pot."

Pubs fear that new opening rules won't save them.


We have to get over the somewhat irrational culture of fear that has been created in this country and elsewhere, or I genuinely feel that we are doomed as a society

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I agree but luckily I think these sort of proposals are all about saying the right thing in the full knowledge that largely the majority of the public are quite happy to just use common sense and aren't signed up to a culture of fear at all 🍺🍺

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3 minutes ago, Cal said:

No specific mention of boats at all but they have previously been grouped with campsites and mobile home parks which have the go ahead to reopen.

Yes  I reckon so along with 2nd homes

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Yep good luck to all the businesses, hoping for a bumper rest of the season.

Also on the night of the 4th July let's have lots of patience for the poor staff coping with a whole new way if working and lots of eager customers! I wouldn't trade places for all the tea in China! 🍺

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