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Chart Corrections

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Thank you for posting that Perry....

Novice question now; what is the best way of updating your charts? A fine black permanent pen would be my guess, drawing the new symbol where it needs to be and crossing off the old one. Is that somewhere right? Do you draw an arrow from the old locations to the new when things move?

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I'm a novice at this Mark so don't take my word but I think it is usually a magenta fine tipped pen so you can see that it is one you've added.

I tend to just put a cross through those that are out dated, think you would end up with totally unreadable charts very quickly if you draw arrows everywhere.

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You may find

http://www.ukho.gov.uk/ProductsandServices/Leisure/Documents/ALDNMs/Keeping-Admiralty-Leisure-Charts-Up-to-Date.pdf useful.

I picked up a couple of fine pens, black and magenta from a supplier on Ebay but that was a few years ago now.

They don't get a lot of use, as I am well behind in my corrections...

I tend to try to correct my leisure folios just before I go back to an area, as I don't get out on the Salty stuff in command that often.

The trouble is that a Leisure folio can build up an awful lot of corrections as it has several charts of some areas (at different scales).

I still have nightmares after having to add the Gunfleet Sands windfarm!


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I think you mean Charity and Taylor in Lowestoft, they are still there. Foxs do a Blundell Harding chart correction kit, bit expensive but it has the pens and a template. SCD at Woodbridge (Melton) do them as well. UKHO have just issued new charts for Approaches to Gt Yarmouth and lowestoft to take into account the Buoyage changes done in November. New issue date was 23/12/10, just bought them last week


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