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I was waiting  for a return  call from 111.Thats why I answered that call.they used to say ,I understand you were involved in a raid traffic  accident  that wasn't  you fault. Si seems they've  changed they response. As I've said have now blocked  that number. 

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Telephone this time. Two calls concerning the Government funded insulation installed (which is news to me of course!). Problems have occurred and the loft needs to be surveyed. This is clearly an atte

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54 minutes ago, grendel said:

I rarely answer an unknown number , i will check it on the internet first and call back if it seems legit.


I would not call back. If it’s legit they will leave a message. 

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Scam or Spam?

I am being bombarded daily by Emails from Coupon&Go offering bargains for everything from the Lottery to Amazon. I never open or reply to them or try to unsubscribe (as I don’t trust the unsubscribe option) I just delete them. A quick google tells me that they’re based in Barcelona and Paris.

Any thoughts?

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