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how far away


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256 miles 5.5 hours, unless co pilot falls asleep! 1st 175 miles in 2,25 hours then the A17!!!!! followed by the A47.

Takes 4 hours to the boat in Cambs why are we moving to the Broads?

'Cos we are.

I have a car that will do 175mph but prefer the boat that will do 9mph down hill, but then again can get to the boat quicker!

31 March a 19 year dream starts, our OWN boat on the Broads!

The ducks will now be safe from shmbo throwing last of the bread with venom on the last night of hiring.

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We live about 250 miles away in East Dorset, and if we`re really lucky and have a completely trouble free journey, about 5-6 hours driving. We usually go on a friday night to kent first and stay with my dad for friday night and do the last 120-130 miles on the saturday morning. This year however, we`ve got a friday boat, so it`s going to be driving straight to the yard, so it looks like being up at 6 and leave at 7, but we`ll probably get stuck on the m3, m25 and a12. so i will be more than happy to get to rosie leas for lunch.

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Door to Door I reckon it could be done in 11-12 hours....

25 mins drive to the airport...

Arrive 1 hour before flight

6.5 hours Bermuda to Gatwick

30 mins to grab bags and hire car

3 hours drive from Gatwick

Yeah, 12 hours is definitely do-able. Would be pretty :yawn: at the end of it though !

Will be doing it for real (although not that quickly !) in June - can't wait !

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