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Gas hob broken, can I repair?

Guest Cattleya

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One of the gas burners on my hob has broken apart from vibration/age/rust. Does anyone know if I can just stick it back together with metal glue? I have some that is good for high temperatures.

I'm hoping I can mend it as the hob is part of the sink and drainer, these are expensive to replace and I doubt I could even find one exactly the same size.

I presume it's just to guide the flame as the actual burner itself is underneath.


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sorry but i think there is a term for your burner,politely it,s passed it,s useful life,what make is it?? .There is no way you can glue it together,and the other burner looks about to go the same way, should it have a hole in it?.It is all part of the burner,the pipe underneath is the jet. The gas is difused by the broken part which produces your ring of small flames .As a registered gas engineer please buy another one

regards Trev

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Thanks Trev, those parts are all of the same one. The other burner is in perfect condition.

Problem is it's all one unit, the sink, grill and burners.

It's a Flavel unit with a Belling 3000 oven below. I haven't seen anywhere that sells a sink/burner/grill that would fit, so I'm a bit stuck.

I'm not using it, don't worry. I wouldn't risk putting gas through it.

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Thank you for the links.

I'm having trouble finding the correct one to fit. My other thought was to replace everything, as the cooker is ancient as well. I can get a combined cooker, grill and hob for around £350. Then I have the problem of sorting out the sink, I guess I could keep the old unit and just cut off the hob, keeping the sink and drainer, then cover the cut edge with a strip of wood.

I haven't used the cooker or hob for a few years as I never eat on board and have a 12 volt coffee maker, but it's BSS time and I know it will fail, so got to sort something out.

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It maybe better to buy a propper stainless steel kitchen Jointing strip from somewhere like B&Q or Focus for around a fiver, rather than a wooden strip which is combustable and would also be prone to warping due to the heat from the cooker and moisture from the sink and drainer. they sell a variety of shapes to join either two flat surfaces as a continuation as in your case, or shaped ones for rounded front worktops to join into the corners of an L-shaped Kitchen. They all can be trimmed to size using a small hacksaw :)

You could try Olearys Motorhomes for a reasonably priced new one or the possibility of spare parts, they deal with the self build market and classic campervans going as far back as the 1950s, so may stock the part you are looking for cheers


Julz :wave

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I spent a while today trying to figure out how the sink/grill/hob unit comes out of the boat. I managed to remove the grill and hob burner unit, but the rest of it sits underneath the woodwork and doesn't seem to want to come out without some major work.

It's a shame as the rest of it is in good condition.



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Thanks everyone. I stripped out the old unit today, what a job! it was mostly glued in, but also had a couple of screws which must have been fitted before a lot of the boat was built as there was no way to reach them.

I found a unit that will fit from Spinflo, but the sink is in the wrong position, it's in the middle rather than the left hand end. This would be a problem with the taps, as at present a fold down cover comes down over the top of the whole thing when it's not being used.

So now I'm thinking about stripping everything out and having a cooker with the hob on top and a separate sink, although that means a lot of woodwork. :shocked

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