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Trip through Norwich


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It's certainly an interesting cruise isn't it. I've done it many times from my boat moored at Thorpe Island.

I've even been to see Norwich City play by boat, although every effort seems to have been taken to prevent anyone mooring on that stretch of river.

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I can remember when New Mills was always posted as the limit of navigation for hirecraft, but they put up a sign saying "end of navigation to hirecraft" at Bishopgate bridge way back in the 80s. It`s a shame as i`d like to go that far up, how much further is it in yds or miles Steve, and is it very pretty, or pretty rough?. Also, are there any facilities such as moorings etc that far up?. Regards ................. Neil.

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Yes it certainly is a facsinating way to view the city and well worth thr trip up to New Mills if you can do it. I posted an account elsewhere of the trip we made up there in May 2008 .... we were very fortunate that my friend kindly took us through all the bridges in his boat. I think that Bishops Bridge is the most difficult to navigate through becasue you have to turn at a weird angle as soon as you get through (if memory serves correctly) but the rest are no problem. The channel was clear when we made the trip and there was at least 6ft depth beneath us at all times, but do go slowly and keep an eye out for shopping trolleys etc which might have got dumped! I think they are making an effort to try and keep this all tidy and make more of an ammenity of the area.

Here is a Google Map which I prepared earlier ! :lol: It marks all of the bridges on the Wensum, has photos, and gives the clearances (at average high water) - just click on the place markers to bring up the info:

Open in Google Maps


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Are there any public, or BA moorings up that far, and also, if they`re cleaning the place up, will you be able to go up there in a hire boat, as since the 80s, the limit of navigation was at Bishop bridge at the head of the yacht station?. It looks like there`s about another mile of cruising water that`s being missed. When we`re on Swallow in June, i`l have to ask John if he`ll let us take her that far up. Regards to all ............. Neil.

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My club is Carrow just before you go under the first rail bridge into Norwich,

I like to have a little poodle up there now and again.

once you get past the over zealous yacht station master and under Bishops bridge

i think it's quite pretty round the back of the cathedral. you then go past some of the old warehousing

to starboard and the the merchant houses to port. I think you can moor in front of the merchants houses.

the further you travel the more closed in the river becomes, you will go past the art college and under

Duke street bridge. as you reach the limit you will be surrounded on both sides by housing and you'll

see a slip that looks far too steep for launching anything but lifeboats.

there is plenty of turning space at the end but watch the depth.

no BA moorings unless the ones in front of the merchant houses are ? but there is always

space there. I've not stopped there but i think there are few places to tie ropes.

I doubt if hire boats will be allowed up there but if you have a dingy it would make a really nice

rowing trip, if you're up here give me a call and if i'm not too busy I can trot up in my Quicksilver and

take you up there for an hour or two as my boat is only round the corner.

( number at the bottom )


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Hello Royston , it is me Ramjet (from the lounge) I am just notice yours aviater picture and think mayhap you should changed it although you is put it on in good faith some peas might find it offending. It is off course up to yourself tho as i am not be the official mod on here yet and i am just being suggestive

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Ramkat, what are you going on about now? :norty::norty::norty:

David, ( and the rest of you Mods) please don't let this happen.......... :naughty::naughty: :naughty:

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What would the biggest boat be that you could do the trip in, and what sort of maximum air draught would you recommend?.

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