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Well! That Was Different!!

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I arrived at my boat on Monday 6th, looking forwards to at least 4 weeks on board. This allowed me to spend my first day, and indeed my second, chilling out at the Pleasure boat Inn. Wednesday however, I felt just a little bit under the weather. Thought nothing of it and decided to have just a quick beer before leaving for the river Ant.

Beer supped and knowing I was in for quite a long cruise, decided to do the bladdere emptying before setting off. Nothing happened and although I didn't feel unwell I did have a bit of a pain low down in the old tum. (more or les in the appendix area.)  Well, lets not go into too much detail, suffice to say, I didn't even get to start the engine before said pain got worse.

I returnned to the bar (like I would) but this time not for a beer.

I was taken to the James Padget hospital where a Kidney stone was discovered. Moved to Norfolk and Norwich who are better equipped to deal with renal issues, and underwent a proceedure the following day, and was released to get back to Hickling on Friday. I had a relaxing day Saturday, taking it very easy. feeling a lot better on Sunday, I untied and cruised to Sutton Staithe. I shouldn't have done that, It was too much and had to overstay my welcome by staying there for two days. Tuesday, I took a gentle cruise to Gay's staithe. I have to admit that I still felt a tad fragile and on Wednesday I decided that another short cruise was the order of the day. It was not to be!

Wednesday afternoon I received a phone call. The friend with whom I lodge had han a severe epeleptic fit and had been rushed to the hospital in Harlow. This left his 92 year old mother alone in the house. I had had too much to drink to drive so I had to get  a taxi from Gay's staithe to Harlow, abandoning Nyx to my friend Bernie and his wife.

So, That's what I've got! My 4 week holiday and first time away from the house since lockdown is over, I've got to have followup treatment for the stone, and my friend though stable is still in hospital.

Am I hacked off? Oddly enough no. Not at all! Throughout all this ordeal I've had friends rallying round, getting Nyx back to it's mooring, getting me back to pick up my car, and generally supporting my every need and resolving issues as quickly as they crop up. You know, it seems to take nasties to let one see the nicies!

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Sorry to hear you've had all that to cope with on top of each other just as you were to start a long overdue break MM. Thank goodness for good friends and kind hearts, you included for looking after your friend's mum

Take care, wishing you and your friend a speedy, full recovery to good health.

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Hope it all settles down again soon so you can get back to Nyx and finish your trip. I had kidney stones when I was a teenager and I remember how painful it was! Lots of liquid needed to aid recovery I seem to recall..............😀

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Not good to hear but so pleased you and your friend are ok , also that his Mum is being looked after.    Would not have fancied the taxi fare bill as that was some journey, but can I just ask ,  just in case it happens to us,   how do you pay now,  is it by card?   I cannot imagine anyone carrying around a load of cash ,  just in case.


Take care and dont overdo it.



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I used Horning Cars ( 01692 630856 ) who were brilliant. I paid cash, but I think I remember card being an option.

Thank you all for your good wishes. The medics have recommended I drink 3 litres of fluids a day and the doctor advised that it shouldn't ALL be beer. This is great as it allows me my rum nightcap. 

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Sorry to hear of your illness and holiday being cut short... hope you manage get back out soon!

We love Horning Taxis, use them twice a year form our Bewilderwood trips. Brilliant and friendly service.

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Hope you’re recovering ok and your friend too. You sound as if you are finding the positives in your situation. I think there are a lot of things that we are all finding to be grateful for. Hope you get back afloat soon. 

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Guest Jayfire

Sorry you've had a rough time MM, hope everything is getting better

I assumed you had somehow heard that I was having a few days up Hickling last week and had decided to frantically scarper away for the week.

I did come looking for you at your mooring, I'm not sure if you know or not but, you wasn't there :default_biggrin:

Take care mate :default_beerchug:

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