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Inline Silencer

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I fitted one of those watering can looking ones, ( think it’s called a water lock?), about 10 years ago to our 1.8BMC, the difference in exhaust noise/tone is tremendous, all you now get is the delayed spitting noise from the exhaust at low revs as the can fills and expels, also found the engine overall appears to run smoother? Could be the additional back pressure helps or just that overall it’s so much quieter? All I would say is try and mount the can somewhere flat so is can be secured, even if this means securing it with some 6mm rope. Well worth the small investment, no need to go for the expensive branded versions, unless you want to. With the cans they are easy to install, inlet and outlet both have tapered ends so not too much to worry about with regards to flexible exhaust pipe diameter. The cans are all plastic so nothing to corrode, just make sure to use some decent jubilee clips. With regards to the straight inline boxes, these have a rubber exterior and some form of muffler grade stainless interior. It must take quite some time,  however I have removed a few of these from boats in the past that have sprung leaks from the box, which has been down to the internals corroding away.... 

Got our can from  Aquafax when they were in Wroxham. I guess they still do them on line? If not try ASAP in Beccles, Bolters or Brian Ward? 





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I used one of those waterlock mufflers on my Yanmar 1GM10 and it made a vast difference, I will be fitting one to my BMC 1.5 at some point too. I am fairly certain that I saw the same thing on Absolute Freedom(AF Pearl 38 with a Perkins Prima or similar) when we hired her a couple of years ago and the exhaust on her was lovely and quiet.


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If space is tight the ones I fitted to my old rlm31 were vetus and could be rotated and angled in all directions as long as the bottom was in and top was out, made a huge difference and none of the sploop sploop from the exhaust as it would just run continous, had drains at the base for winterising too, not cheap but very good.


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