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It's about 2325 I'm up here in t office, I can hear MrsG having lessons with Purdey:-

"Hey that's my wool, get off my slippers, you little Madame" etc etc

Followed by puppy growls and yapping (That was MrsG)

I so miss Macie dog / Dusty and Candie but life goes on


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Update:- Just got off the phone speaking with a very nice Lady - Anne - that lives in Aberystwyth. 'Purdey' was born last week on the 24th Aug (Day after my B'day as it happens).  The Sire i

The lady breeder lives / works on a farm with her husband and has been there years n years apparently.  Both parents are KC registered / chipped and the like.  All seems above board.  I am more confid

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Wow she is proper stunning . I recon she will be a tonic .I also recon that tiger could do with a sidecar ...............Yorkshire's needs it's own Wallace and grommet:default_eusa_dance:.



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That’s puppies for you. Seren just wanted to chew and chew when she was little. Good thing Graham was home with her, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have much of a home left! Lots of chew toys, chewey treats, antler chew, and a chunk of hard wood to chew.

Although she’s now well over the chewing stage, we still can’t give her a soft doggy toy without her ripping it apart. 

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Just how noisy is this furry whirlwind first thing in a morning?

Outside for the toilet first thing,  Every morning her overnight sleeping cage has been clean.  Then it's Breakfast of weetabix, milk and scrambled egg.

Then the fun starts, woofing and growling at everything and charging around like a mad thing.  Whilst this is going on we are both trying to get ready for out the door to work.  My lad will be working from home here until MrsG gets back so she has cover.  Daughter taking her for her first set of vaccinations this afternoon


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