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Excellent news, I'm surprised they didn't keep the little Hampton boat ( sorry can't think of her name ) was always popular. I've hired one of the gardenia girl it's a cracking boat, but quite dated inside. Im sure I read somewhere that gala girl was having a bit of a  Refurb let's hope the same applies to this one. Personally a trip on the rivers wouldn't be the same without seeing one of summer craft boats. I actually like there colour scheme and for me some of the best kept boats of any hire fleet.  

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Yes that's the one, one of there most popular boats I believe also they had three gala girls that always seem to do very well. Good to see them sticking around. Many happy memories of Gainsborough girl as a child. I believe gus at the new Inn has owned the old Gainsborough girl for quite a few years now or did !! 

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1 hour ago, DAVIDH said:

Summercraft have put Gardenia Girl back on hire. She joins Gala Girl, as Summercraft keep a toe in the hire boat market



Gardenia Girl.jpg

Very surprised at this.  Both Of their Diamond  35s were sold by NYA at Horning.  Had we not bought Norfolk Lady and were still looking, I could have been interested in either one, although one was substantially cheaper than the other.  As has been said, they were always well maintained and could have been interesting propositions as private purchases although it would have been a challenge to get rid of some of the colour scheme.

I wonder what happened.

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If only this had a walk around bed i could be tempted. First hire boat we ever had was Gracious Girl from Summercraft back in the 90s. Our only hire until we came back in 2012.

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On 01/08/2020 at 08:43, Timbo said:

No Gainsborough Girl?

Sold, sadly.

One of the Gardenias was in better condition than the other - The cheaper one had discolouration to the laminates from moisture etc and would have needed more work.

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On 03/08/2020 at 12:00, Shemaha said:

Just a couple of old woodies from the 1970's from Summercraft, Glitter Girl 1 & 2 and Galaxy Girl, hired Glitter Girl early 70's lovely boat and boatyard :-)


glitter girl2.jpg



Brown and yellow doesn't quite work for me but still very nice

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